Tactical Analysis

Round 3

I looked at so much analysis during this game that I was very tired by the time it finished.

My original plan was the winning 16.Qd3 with the idea of Nb5 (I didn’t see I was losing the c-pawn at first, but then realized it didn’t matter about the pawn if Nb5 comes after …Bxc5, and then realized that the position was very deep), but I didn’t appreciate it deeply enough, tactically, and my tactical skill level wasn’t there to see what I needed to see at the end of the lines I was looking at.

I looked at many, really all of the lines involving 16.Qd3. I also looked at 16.Nd4 Bxc5 Nb5 (one of the knights). Josh liked 16.Rb1 supporting this same …Bxc5, Nb5 idea (but it’s not as strong as 16.Qd3). I just now looked at two continuations with Fruite where White just gets tactically freaky at the end, and Black is up a pawn or two in those lines at some point, yet way down score-wise. I did look at c6 and b7 pawn pushes, but it has to happen in conjunction with the pieces, uber-tactically.

With this win for Josh, I basically made him an Expert level chess-player, rating-wise, and it was well-deserved on his part. I had 9 seconds at the end of the game, and he was under a minute!


4 thoughts on “Tactical Analysis

  1. You played very well until you lost that pawn on b6.
    It was a draw, too bad it turned into a loss.
    I won’t be happy making somebody an expert, probably because I made enough people happy in the past. πŸ™‚

  2. LOL! No more Mr. Nice-Guy from me, I am on swing-shift now. I’ll probably work Wednesday and not play, but going forward it’s going to be much better now as I have Wed and Thurs off, plus I have actually been studying some tactics and a little bit of endgame before I go to work – something I never did when working mornings. πŸ™‚ The strong players are leaving Thursdays in the nick of time. haha. πŸ˜€

    Honestly, I was so tired by the end of that game on Thursday, that I don’t know what I was doing, couldn’t even remember how to play an endgame by that point.

    RollingPawns, it’s going to be a fun month next month, and after that is August, with the weekend tournaments. πŸ™‚

  3. I am glad you have play days off, this a completely different story.
    It’s a good perspective to have a lot of real tournaments, last one I played was in September last year. I played today, was a pawn down in a rook ending, pawns only on kingside.
    I thought I am having a draw. Then fatigue struck and I made a bad move.
    Trying to avoid consequences I made another mistake and got into a mating net.

  4. Right. That’s happened to me like a million times already. πŸ˜€

    I think G/90 games are good if you study them a bit afterward and learn from some mistakes, what one’s game is missing, what needs to be improved upon. But otherwise, I a agree that real tournaments should be the true test, as fatigue shouldn’t play as large a part, particularly if we bring the best elements of our G/90 to them. The pros have solved positions at home before they ever think to risk it in a tournament, whereas we often use the G/90 as our training, even though we don’t really think that “winging it” is good for our rating, it is great for our improvement, particularly the later in the game it is done.

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