For the Dreamers

I want to dedicate this game to RollingPawns, because he knows what it is like to work and then be too tired to play chess, particularly the longer the game goes on, as I have done on so many occasions as well.

On this occasion, it was the role-reversal, as I didn’t have to go to work today and Paul looked fresh, but was not as fresh as me and this explains the result of this game I feel more than for any chess reasons. He destroyed me post-mortem, is a class above mine, and was a good sport about the game (and I am sure he had to work today), but this game was to reward the more alert player (as G/90 usually does).

RollingPawns is my long-time friend, and the real reason I still have this blog. He has to work before his games, but he has always been a more solid and classier player than I have been; I am lucky to have him as a friend. I am also fortunate to currently be in a position where I can sleep and exercise before a game.

At the end of the game, I traded to deliver checkmate, but it proved to bee too awkward with time running out and his bishop milling about, so instead I finally settled on the obvious trade of rook for bishop and g-pawn since I have the right bishop to queen the a-pawn with. I delivered checkmate with but 5 seconds remaining on my clock, to his 44 minutes.

I heard this song today and did think of great chessplayer’s whose talent wasn’t fully rewarded, such as Rudolf Charousek, who died around the age of 26, and even of Capablanca, who never got his deserved rematch, even though he was probably the greatest natural talent the game has ever produced. As for the lovely Eva Peron, whose smile reminds me of my last girlfriend, she lived to be a mere 33 years of age.


4 thoughts on “For the Dreamers

  1. Nice win.

    I was surprised by 7 cxd4, I would have thought exd4 to break the symmetry might have been better. 8. Be2 looks passive too; maybe 8 Bd3?
    14 Ne4 nice for you to see the weak unprotected piece.
    15 Bh5 is the blunder.

    Then you showed it was just a matter of technique.

  2. I made blunders, and he made blunders, but I saw the blunders OTB a lot more than he did. One strategic blunder I missed was that the Ne4 protects the …f5 push. Also, he had QxQf7 followed by Bh6+ skewering and winning the exchange. I saw this OTB and had my fingers crossed. I had seen ..Rc6 earlier and should have defended it this way, or played more precisely with my queen defensively, which I find difficult to do in any time-pressure situation.

  3. Thank you for the nice words, you are my very good friend too.
    I hope that it comes time where we can play free of stresses and tiredness, when we can show what we can do.
    I liked that quiet Be7 showing that you see the hanging knight.
    Yes he could latter win an exchange, but you still had two bishops for the rook and computer shows your clear advantage.

  4. 🙂 I won the piece with 45 minutes remaining, and he still challenged me on the clock. It took me a while to find the ..Be7, and it appeared to even surprise him (particulary concerning his next move never took it into account). That’s a move that you play effortlessly, a prohpylactic defensive move which keeps options open. 😉

    RollingPawns, we should start a software co., and get out of this rat-race. I live to work on all but two days, really low paw and highly demanding job I’m in right now, it’s utterly ridiculous. It’s going to be a challenge now to wake up early for those weekend tournaments coming up, a bit of the role-reversal possibly/probably.

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