Round 1

So I forgot to bring my traditional Wednesdays cup of tea that I bring with me in my car, and didn’t really need it anyway, but started drinking coffee when I got there. IOW, I’m not usually this alert even for Wednesdays. 😀

Interesting game. Ken brought his new blue ZmartFun clock, but the thing spontaneously reset itself about 20 minutes into the game, and then I pulled out my clock. I was looking at getting that same clock, but then figured the DGT North American would probably be more reliable, and then this confirmed my suspicion (you know us software/programmer guys 😉 ).

Ken resigned after 24.Qxb5+, but I wanted to show how I was planning on finishing the game, and actually I was looking at the less accurate 28.Qa5 instead of Qa4, which still would have won a piece and the game.


3 thoughts on “Primed

  1. It was a very good attack. I especially liked Bb5+, not obvious and very strong.
    Congratulations on a good play, the effect of not playing tired is visible.

  2. RollingPawns, Thanks! 🙂

    I still got tired in some of those parts, like not seeing …Nc5 until right after I played ..Nb8, and not seeing deep enough to play Rc1 there instead, which seemed right, I just couldn’t calculate it. But I accepted that as part of the game, having to move and find second best moves quickly sometimes.

    I agree about fatigue and since I am working swing-shift, I am thinking of playing rounds 2,3, and 5 in the first weekend tournament in August. Completely cherry-picking my way to 1900 and 2000. I’ve seen enough “fake Experts” to not feel so bad about joining that club! 😀

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