Round 2

This song was me in High School, and it came out during the time I was in Jr High. In intermediate school, I would walk home from school, skip the bus (I did this a lot as a kid, walked a lot all over town), stop in a pizza joint or liquor store and play video games (Tempest was one of them). The part that piqued my interest was that this video was shot in Scarborough, Ontario. RollingPawns, you may know some where some of these locations are. šŸ™‚

There is also an hour and 46 minute documentary on Rush:


3 thoughts on “Subdivisions

  1. RollingPawns, glad you asked me about the time controls at the tournaments:

    Pikes Peak Open, August 10 – 11, 2013
    5 round Swiss system tournament.
    Time Control: Rds 1-3 40/90 and G/60, d/5; Rds 4-5 40/2 and G/60, d/5.

    Monument Open V, August 17 – 18, 2013
    4 round Swiss system tournament.
    Time Control: 40/90, G/30;+30ā€ Increment (from move 1).

    Here is the list of upcoming tournaments:

    I couldn’t get the days off for the Colorado Open. I am thinking I might play rounds 2 and 4 at Monument, and rounds 2,3,5 at the Pikes Peak Open (this one is a certainty).

  2. I know the song, but didn’t see the video. Scarborough is ~30km from me, my Thursday’s club is there. I recognized some of the places.
    I played today with an expert, the guy that beat me twice with White.
    I had White this time, it was Rossolimo variation in Sicilian. He managed again to get an advantage and had ~-2 for some time, even missed -4.5. Then I escaped into a rook endgame, he didn’t play it very well and after the game our master (and then Fritz) told me that I missed a win in one move (~+7.0), it was deflection. Then I had a clear draw (he had to repeat the moves), but got mad after all that defense and went for a win.
    The second part of the rook endgame I didn’t play well and lost after 4.5 hours and 90 moves.

  3. Wow, 4.5 hours! If anything is better than a loss it’s some endgame study OTB! Unfortunately, I can’t engage in much of it at G/90 even when I’d really like to, it’s a pity because that is what I have been studying and finding more richness there that I didn’t knew existed. Endgames are odd and deserve the time, because let’s face it, chess has sped up and with that the endgame has gone to h*ll in a handbasket, even though this is the part of the game that defies “blitz”.

    I’ve noticed that your games have gone down to endgames even more than before, and I am getting more endgames as well (albeit seemingly always because of missing quicker wins).

    You can always post a game. The internet is almost completely dead as far as amateur games go and could use the company. šŸ˜‰ Besides, we still want to make Expert soon. šŸ˜€

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