Defense by Blitz

Round 3

Once I got my last attack in at the end of the game, it seemed as if Katie began blitzing her moves. Clock-time is the oxygen of attack (and at mile-high altitude, I should know). I saw my blunder at the end before she moved, and resigned quickly, with a minute and half to her twelve minutes remaining.

She whipped out moves such as …b5 like lightening, and I felt it was bad, but didn’t have time to decipher the correct attack.

31.Bxc4!! is equal according to Fruit, for example, just to point out one decisive line which I missed. It must be a hairy line because otherwise I have two passed pawns and a lot of pieces to cut off, plus a loose king to attack.

31.Bxc4!! bxB??, 32.Qa8+ Kc7, 33.Nd5 mate.

I feel like the time control is “40/90, flag” because you are driving toward a cliff with your opponent, playing “chicken” like in the movie ‘Rebel Without a Cause’, the person bailing out first and not going over the cliff (as in the movie) is the winner. I would have lost an equal position, in fact I did, just because I wouldn’t have had the time to find the resources in the position.

It’s funny, Katie all she has been studying is tactics. All I have been studying are endgames, but endgames are what that hypothetical second time-control is for. For G/90 all you need is a copy of MDLM’s Rapid Chess Improvement and Chesstempo. Some endgame players like Paul Anderson, however, will budget their time for endgames.

The second time-control is not just about endgames, it really does allow one to take all their time to come up with the best shots in the position before move 40, so you can find that big shot on move 32 or move 35 or 38, etc, and not wonder about how to finish the game.


3 thoughts on “Defense by Blitz

  1. It was a real fight. I like that 31.Bxc4, you actually found a similar sac ( Nxd5 ), but not this one.
    The position is too sharp in the end to play it with a time you had.
    I got a confirmation of that playing today with a girl – fresh Canadian champion under 8. 🙂
    She beat quite a few men in both clubs and other tournaments, so …
    But actually I played pretty fast. I made one mistake, she too, both didn’t use it.
    In the end I developed a pressure, she made a bad move.
    I left my queen under attack (it was mate if she would take it), she saw it, but played another bad move and then missed mate in 1. Will try to publish it.

  2. RollingPawns, I am glad to hear about your victory! 🙂 It’s nice to hear that you are same as always getting long, interesting games. I posted my Thursday game from last week.

    Did I play 1.d4? Nope it was a typo. Sorry to disapoing, Gunnar! 😀

    I played 1.d4 in casual chess all the time, then every since playing in rated tournaments, have never once played 1.d4 and if there was a time it would have been on total accident back when I was like 1300, but as far as I know it’s never happened. I have played e4 and dropped it two moves later, but never played 1.d4, I don’t believe I have ever.

    I’ll do like Fischer and play it in my world championship match when I am already totally kicking @ss. haha. Fischer played 1.c4

    Well, it’s a nice-thought. I’ll probably play it someday.

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