Mistake of Going for a Draw

Round 2

It’s disturbing for a an 1.e4 player such as myself, but 17…d4 is just flat out winning for Black in all variations.

It was quite apparent, thematic, and was my original plan, but I couldn’t see the too big of deal, and besides Fruit always takes a cr@p on my games and says that I am never winning my games until just before checkmate. So, I figured there was probably a defense to every move. Not true, it’s just flat out winning, not +-, not ++-, just won in the hands of a stronger player.

33…Rxa4 would have been the best practical chance to play on for a draw.


2 thoughts on “Mistake of Going for a Draw

  1. Yes, you have a great position after 17. Qc2. When you look at 17… d4 it looks strong, but not as strong as computer shows. For example I looked at 17. Qc7 as a possible answer and computer completely crashes it. I do not like 19… a6, as it leads to the bishops exchange and your bishop is stronger. Even more with queens exchange, that endgame doesn’t look very good for you.

  2. Yeah, it felt bad when I played it, but I felt stuck for a move. I should have played 17…d4 on principle and let the board do some of the work for me, but I was playing his rating instead of the board, and didn’t see that I was dropping a pawn. I shouldn’t have let my clock get down to where I felt pressured, but that was the highest pressure I felt during the game was on that …a6 move and I simply couldn’t decided what to do and hadn’t been paying as much attention to the game as he had.

    He was eyeing Qc7 and that is exactly what was freaking me out, once again I was believing his rating over the chessboard, and the chessboard knows no class, no rating, it is not prejudiced. It is a big mistake to “believe” in strong players’ moves, and try to sit back and thwart what they are doing instead of to play the board. Most people do this and this is why their/our rating doesn’t improve.

    I really felt terrible later that I had not played …d4, how could I not, it is my style? But the ratings thing made me believe that that is what he wanted me to do and would have some antidote for it. We are back to the lies and hypocrisy being laid bare on the chessboard quote, though, if we play it truely.

    The funny thing is he didn’t indicate much throughout the game until we got that position and then all of a sudden a few times he leaned over the board with eyes like saucers starting at Qc7 possibility, so I played …Rc8 to shut his hopes down, and then ..Nc5 to sort of force a draw instead of analyzing where my best attack and initiative was really headed.

    Tomorrow I play at the Manitou Springs Open, but will most likely skip rounds one and four, as I have already requested those as byes.

    Thanks for your comments, RollingPawns, you usually see what I see too and make my thoughts/feeling/actions feel validated. I didn’t understand that that isolated pawn could steam-roll him positionally like out of a Nimzovichian text-book.

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