New Clock

The DGT North American clock. It’s very nice and easy to program so far, so I would definitely recommend it. I played with it in two games so far, but this is the first one with my own clock. I’m 3 for 3 with this clock. hehe.

Round 2

In this game, I “outplayed” Mark in his time-pressure. To be honest, he did what I did last weekend, played better chess than I, didn’t play the move he saw which gives him a large advantage; namely, 18.Ne4 instead of 18.e4., and then lost in time-pressure from a better position (hey, I didn’t say I didn’t learn anything last weekend!) Really, at our level you just have to play these moves and figure out how it can work later, otherwise the clock whacks us all in the butt.

11…c5 instead of …Rc8 is the apparent improvement for Black.


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