Pikes Peak Open 2013

If you watched some of my games from this tournament, you might have wondered if I had _taught_ Ivanchuk how to lose on time! haha.

Round 1 The most aesthetically beautiful game.

Round 2 Flagged on move 35 (no delay in the first time-control) after being up over +2 at one point. It was only equal after his gambit, then I outplayed him to gain the advantage…for a while.

Round 3 So, I saw 20.c4, the easy win, but then began feeling tired, or my allergic reaction to rating points kicked in. Anyway, I found a way to draw this still winning position, and then promptly flagged – wait for it…it was on move 35.

Round 4 Mike is the nicest guy a person could play against. I definitely felt lucky to escape such a horrible Bg7 position.

Round 5
There is a long story behind this game. We got to move 18, I knew he was going to play 18.Nf5, and that I was then going to win with 18…Bxe+ (saw the follow-up of 19..Qf4 and the other lines as soon as I got home and simmered down a bit). Well, the TD announced at this point that if it were up to him he would stop the tournament now, not count the remaining games in play, and send us home, but that the fire dept said we could keep playing until the mud-slide (air-raid) sirens went off because a storm was coming in.

We were in Manitou Springs where a mud-flood had just inundated the town (we also had a mud flow in my work parking lot that went over the curbs, that’s how bad it was, and it’s very slippery).

Well, my car was parked on soft earth on the edge of an embankment overlooking a ditch, so I played the safe 18..Qe6, and played as fast as I could to get the heck out of there. I had 75 minutes still remaining on my clock, when I spent another 10 minutes shaking my head, taking the perpetual, and no sooner had the game finished than the sun came out.

Yes, I stupidly tried to trade a rook at the cost of a pawn, and then was flat-out losing, and was lucky to make a draw. I did spend nearly four hours going over this endgame at home, far more than the other games put together. I have to give the kid a lot of credit for keeping both rooks on the board, which I have been historically terrible with.

This was essentially all but the end of this time-control here. Future tournaments are switching to the G/90 with 30 second increment (FIDE-ish) control. The next six big tournaments in Colorado all have the 30 second increment from move 1. The TD even announce this is the plan at the beginning of the tournament. Nice. 😉


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