Monument Open 2013

Won my game against Life Master Brian Wall in Round 3. New rating is 1870.

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4

In Round 4, my opponent proposed a draw from a roughly equal position, but we had both spent more time on our clocks than we should have, so I accepted the draw.

I won the Under 1900 prize of $225.


7 thoughts on “Monument Open 2013

  1. Game 1 – you made that game interesting.
    9…Bc6 looks scary until you see Bb5+.
    I knew he would play Nf4+, irresistible for player of his rating.

    Game 2 – you play confidently and eventually that pawn costed him dearly.
    Did you see Qg5 coming? Anyway, your position is very strong even after that due to these pawns. Good win.

  2. Game 3 – an excellent game. I liked your sacrifices on f7 and h6, especially on h6.
    Your are playing very brave with a master. The endgame is better for you and then he blunders, maybe he got tired defending.
    Game 4 – did you make 11 moves? 🙂

  3. Yes, it was only 11 moves. 😀

    I won my games because of the 30 second increment. Just to give an idea, after I sacked my second piece for pawn against chessMaster Brian Wall, I was under 2 minutes and played the rest of those moves to 40 on the increment. In fact, I am so used to blitzing endgames that I had just under 15 minutes in the final position of the game.

    I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier, but the unshakeably depressing result due to the way that I have used the clock reared it’s ugly head again last week, and I just now posted about it.

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