The Chess Theme Which Seldom Goes Away

…is one the in which the higher-rated player wins a game from a losing position.

Round 4

I had thought my last round game was a nice tour de force, but actually I made some embarrassing gafes against my lower-rated opponent.

After 15.Nf1! White is not losing a pawn.

20.Rg3? Simply 20…Qxe5 is now effectively the end of the game’s real challenge.

24…Bxd4?? Now 23.Rf4 c5, 24.Rh4 is crushing.

Oh well, I did the best I could in a G/90 game, but my tactical weaknesses are evident in this (yet another) game.


4 thoughts on “The Chess Theme Which Seldom Goes Away

  1. Sorry. I’ve had to work OT every day this week and the last thing I wanted to think about was my depressing play last week. I won this game and this game actually looks great, but I played a two-move blunder which should have lost it and that he didn’t see.

  2. The scary part was that he could have challenged me on the clock more by defending. If he can’t out-attack me, then he should try to out-defend me – this goes for most of the players there rated below my rating; word to the wise, so to speak.

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