Thursday Last Round

In this game I played Alexa Lasley for only the second time. She is about the sweetest chess-player that anybody could possibly play against.

Both of us missed that after 7.Bg5??…BxNf3 is simply winning a piece for a pawn. It was an interesting game, and she really only lost because she spent too many tempos around her own king’s position instead of attacking my king’s position.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Last Round

  1. I played on Thursday with a boy rated one hundred higher than me, I won a classic and a rapid game playing him before. This time it was different, he could get a ~+7 advantage, but missed it. Eventually I managed to defend and escaped with a draw.

  2. The move I am most proud of in this game is one that I didn’t play. I showed Alex and Peter that I could have played 14…h4, winning a piece, but that I declined to and played the better 14..fxg5 instead (and Fruit agrees). We played this position out and I was able to hold down a draw for Black.

    RollingPawns, you could post more of your games if you want. It sounds like you are playing magnificently on defense, drawing a lot of games and barely losing any of them. I can’t even remember the last time you lost a game. 😉 🙂

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