October 2013, Round 1

So I finally decided to skip Wednesdays for this month. I was tired and it’s really too much to keep up that back to back schedule, particularly with a four round tournament coming up this weekend – the Tri-Lakes Open.

In Round 1 on Thursday’s game, I was paired against Gene, who hadn’t been playing much in the last few months – once he was even rated 1700.

I missed a lot tactically in this game. For example, I should have played the simpler 13.Bxh7+ winning a pawn, since I will then pick up his knight on e7. I completely missed that Black can nearly equalize with 14…Qxg2+,15. KxQ Nf4+, 16.Kh1 NxQh5. This is where simple tactics, pattern-recognitions, are crucial.


2 thoughts on “October 2013, Round 1

  1. Yeah you missed Bxh7 and Qxg2, hopefully you see such stuff next time.
    But your attack was good and Nd5 is a nice move. So a win is a win.

    I played last Thursday, lost to a ~1900 boy. In the end I was worse, but had more time and then one moron playing on the left after his loss started to discuss it with his opponent. I said “Excuse me…” with a bit angry voice and it distracted me.
    After a next few moves I horribly blundered having just a few minutes left.
    I took a bye on Monday.

  2. Well, join the club of horrible blunderers. 😉 I played at Tri-Lakes after going to bed at 6:15 am and then waking up at 8am, bad idea.

    My Round 2 game/loss was affected by fatigue, but my Round 3 game loss was the worst. I was doing great and had a -+ position as Black, with all the play going my way. Then I looked at the clock, noticed I was under 10 minutes and was really hot in my long-sleeve shirt and feeling flustered (and not feeling well. of course). Then I just blundered a pawn for nothing and my position fell apart because it was the type where ya can’t blunder in it. I couldn’t believe I didn’t put either rook behind the pawn first before I advanced it; it was sort of like a “blackout” moment, but I saw my blunder as soon as I had move – I had just wanted to make a move.

    I like your excuse better “The moron made me do it!” haha. Best excuse evuh. 😉 I find Alex a kick with his “I don’t make excuses, no excuses, no excuses” policy. If you have an excuse, you’ll probably nail it next time, just keep playing. If you don’t have an excuse, IMHO, then you are right that you deserved it and that it will keep happening to you!

    I won tonight against a much lower-rated opponent as White. I would post the games, but the chessvideostv site is down at the moment.

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