Round 2, This Week

For now, I’ll post what happened this week before posting my games from the Tri-Lakes Open (Tri-Lakes Meltdown post coming soon).

So on Wednesday I had skipped Round 1, but luckily got paired with Ken, who had a win over Anthea in Round I believe.

Here is our game – Round 2 Wednesday. Ken is unfortunately an example of what happens to your chess game if you stay away from it too long. Once he was sporting a 1490 rating and was on the rise, but then he took a few months off and it was a disasterous thing for his rating.

Ken has always played the Sicilian Defense against me before, so while there is a lot to talk about of what happened in this game, and it’s not a perfect game, he basically “played his rating”. I think I maybe had 38 minutes at the end of the game, but at least 35.

Round 2 on Thursday was a different story. I was playing Alexa as Black in this game, and she really shows her class. Both of us were down to 1 second on our clocks! It’s easy to see why it got so crazy. It should have been a draw because of the time pressure, and she could have claimed a three-fold repetition at one point (I didn’t include those moves, but her rook kept going from f8 to c8, attacking either undefended pawn before I finally decided to sac my c-pawn).

I need to correct the game-score, as I recall now that she played 57.Rg8 h1(Q), 58.Rd8+ Ke7, 59.Rd2??. Time-pressure is such a nutty thing, so I could probably end the game-score right there.

If any game was crying out to be annotated it was this one. I’m on Linux, and I’d like to start including some annotation with the moves, could be from a chess “publishing” program just as much as from a “Fritz or Shredder”. Even a chess “video” of it would be great. I have the week off, so if anyone reading this has any ideas…feel free to let me know. ๐Ÿ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Round 2, This Week

  1. RollingPawns, Thanks! I could have won a pawn earlier in the middlegame, but saved my best work for the blitz endgame where we both played on instinct. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Paul, you are right, that is something I need to get around to!

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