Tri-Lakes Open 2013

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4


2 thoughts on “Tri-Lakes Open 2013

  1. Game 1 – that was easy…
    Game 2 – something was happening with you. Why didn’t you play dxe5 instead of Nxe5?
    And then f4…
    Game 3 – I don’t quite like … b5, but basically you were OK until f5.
    Game 4 – that was a one way game, the end position is funny.

  2. Game 1 – I was _really_ tired, but it didn’t matter.

    Game 2 – poor calculation. I could have gotten in c4 and d5 had I wanted to. I could have got in your variation that ends in f4. At the time I was afraid of Nc3 Bb4, 0-0 Qb4, but I figured out after the game that I am much better in this line, += at a least, because if Black wins the c3 pawn (which is great for White!), then White has a practically unstoppable attack against Black’s king.

    Game 3 was a crazy meltdown. He removed an attacker from the e5 square, but I didn’t even bother to count that he still had two attackers vs one defender. Then I still have some tricky wins after the minor piece trade and then get a rook on d2, double rooks, and some wicked drawing or winning sacs are in the offing starting with …Rxb2+! But no, I was tired, temporarily exhausted, and dull-minded (considered it), tactically out of shape, and it’s knight tactics.. I don’t know how I even dragged that game on for 70 moves before resigning (it was mate in two).

    Game 4 – Toward the end I knew that I had run out of creative juice, played lousy once I was up a pawn except for the mop-up at the end, and basically just hung on to win. 😉

    I feel better after my week vacation, but I may not play tonight depending on whether my car is in the shop or not. I would be playing against a “bullet” player anyway, and would need very solid play to stay in the game.

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