Stupid Blitz

I didn’t play on Wednesday because my car was in the shop. Our TD doesn’t carry a phone, you have to email him. So I had to wait until the car shop owner drove me home to email. Sent it 10 minutes before the round, but sent it to “” instead of .net. Got the Failure Daemon and resent it two minutes before the round starts. The TD said he didn’t get it until 6 minutes after and in any case I got a forfeit, zero point bye. So I pulled out of the Wednesday tournament for this month

Round 3, Thursday

On Thursday I played Rhett, and it aptly demonstrated the weakness of this G/90 time-control. Here the game is in all it’s glory, and you can really see how the G/90 5 second delay format really lowers the quality of chess. This game would have ended sooner had we had more time. He had 55 minutes to my 1 minute and 45 seconds. I actually took him down to 3 seconds left where I had 7 seconds. Unfortunately, I was paying more attention to his clock, thinking he might flag, but his sudden blitzing took away “my” time to think on his clock and I couldn’t mentally cope with it.

First, you can see I gave him a queen, where he breathed a sigh of relief and I couldn’t believe I had done that. Then I queened and said “queen” without yet putting my queen there, whereupon he took it with his knight but I thought he had promoted my pawn to a knight of the wrong color for a couple seconds, then realized he had taken it, then was in disbelief that I couldn’t win. So I tapped his knight twice with the tip of my finger, then pulled my hand back because I saw the skewer but just couldn’t “believe” what was transpiring on the board whereupon he said “you touched it” and I knew that meant I lose by the famous skewer, but played the two moves just because of the why-not factor, then resigned. I saw the skewer before I tapped his knight, but like I say I was just in such disbelief that I could not accept it.


3 thoughts on “Stupid Blitz

  1. That was a won game, but the time trouble ruined it. It is a very bad ratio – 55 minutes to 1, even he went down to seconds later. You should really find out what part of the game takes so much of your time and try to play it faster, no matter what you will think about the quality of it, because in the severe time trouble you make the moves that are much worse.
    Please, listen to me – do not try to be perfect.
    You know what a golden programming rule I was taught more than a 15 years ago?
    It was a C crush course and our teacher told us: “Your code should be good and work and you should write it fast. Do not try to make it perfect, because people will have to wait for it and it won’t make them happy or they already won’t need it at all. Do not write a bad code of course. You know, that rule worked for me very well all these years.
    I didn’t play on Monday because of the holiday and on Thursday I took a buy.
    Lost a game last Thursday, played bad and was very upset.

  2. Gunnar, I never even though about 40.fxg6, it never even crossed my mind until now! The funnier part is that I can ignore it and keep pushing that pawn for at least two more moves. I don’t even have to react to anything Black is doing. Of course I had to sit there for an hour without being able to leave the table for a glass of water, and I pee like a gallon of water during a game where I am nervous, so I get dehydrated.

    When I played my 40th move, 3 or 4 people crowded around the board suddenly, and I sensed that they knew what to do, but all I could think was that I was too tired to think anymore, exhausted, and that is why I traded off the piece at that time.

    BTW, congrats on making Expert and winning against LM Brian Wall! πŸ™‚

    RollingPawns, I am getting there slowly. The biggest problem is not finding best or worse moves, it’s realizing when you don’t have to do anything but let the game play itself, that is the biggest lesson. You have to move, but you don’t have to really do anything with your moves. Chess is like an avalance, all you have to do is build the snowpile and then give it one good yell at the end at it will all come crashing down.

    C is not meant to be written fast unless there is a lot of copying and pasting. If someone wanted to write C code quickly, they wouldn’t write it in C code. πŸ˜‰

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