Last Round of October

I played Daniel in this game, as White.  Daniel is a really strong blitz player, but he can become bored at longer time controls, and this game was more or less equal for most of the game.

Daniel offered me a draw after his 19th move, but I had to see how he would react to my 20th move before I could really consider offering one.  It turns out that if he had played the correct 21…Nc5, then I should probably ask for a draw, but instead he played 21…Nb6 quickly and the rest of the game is history.  He had 57 minutes remaining to my 2 minutes by the end of the game.

My new rating after this month is estimated to be 1870.


One thought on “Last Round of October

  1. Frankly you lose a lot of rating points accepting such a draw, I would play until only kings will be left. He panicked with Nc4, simple a5 was keeping the game equal.
    It is not difficult to exchange pieces with a higher rated player, but it is hard to hold even an equal position.

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