Round 1 November 2013

I was playing Black against Daniel and he joked that he couldn’t avoid a boring game against me because he plays 1.d4, but the game was anything but boring nonetheless.

Round 1

I let Daniel know after the game that a big mistake on his part was recapturing in the center with 11.exd4 instead of 11.cxd4. After that, I should have immediately grabbed the g-pawn and confidently played for the win. Instead, I was still hedging my bets with 11…Ng6.

13…Bg5?? was the decisive blunder of the game.

I spent a long time looking at the move 18…Ne4!! which would have been decisive, but hardly necessary nor playable at a G/90 time-control.


2 thoughts on “Round 1 November 2013

  1. I didn’t like 14. Kf1 instead of O-O-O. 18… Ne4 looks great, right.
    His play looks lightweight, probably just reflects his rating.

  2. Righty-oh, young chap! hehe. After Kf1 I knew the game was over. I too was surprised to see Kf1 like “I can haz cheeseburger??!!” Beating Daniel twice in a row may not seem on the face of it to be an out of the ordinary achievement when looking at ratings, but Daniel just beat Rhett (1953) on Thursday. Also, Alemaheju beat Issaac (1998) last night. Both of these are upsets that span multiple class levels.

    So, while it may seem that I get bent out of shape trying to avoid losing to lower-rated players, they did show what they were capable of last night. 😉 This is why it feels great to play chess when you go into it with an attitude of wanting to learn versus resting on laurels overly much. I stick close to a defined repertoire, but I know that my opponents will mix-it up and complicate things, so that I don’t usually have to.

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