I Did Play on Thursday

Round 1

I’ve played Gene (Kevin) many times on Thursdays, and he was once rated as high as 1727. He figured out how to play his queen attack quite brilliantly, if you consider how ill-conceived it was positionally to begin with.

I did not solve in this game the link between tactics and positional play, but it was a great learning game!

Studying this game is mostly about positional play and when to transition to which ending, although we never got there because he missed the simple 22…Bg6 and instead played 22…Qxd??

Afterward, Alex was glad I played and won, but chided me for missing both 21.Qc4! (instead of Qd2?!), and also missing 22.Rxg7+!, both of which he found nearly instantly. In my defense, I was down to 15 minutes on the clock and was more concerned about not throwing the game away, but that desire lead me ever closer to throwing away a once substantial advantage.

My real problem is that I spend too much time, particularly very early in the game, looking for forced wins instead of strong positional ideas (like a 1.d4 player would). For example, 18.Bf3-d1, then Bc2. I think just takes is fine, but I could have played a more positional, less hope-chessy type of game. Those are the skills that I would like to build. 😉


2 thoughts on “I Did Play on Thursday

  1. He gave you a nice center, remember Morphy? 🙂
    Rxg7 is nice, but the line is too long to calculate.

  2. RollingPawns, thanks! I didn’t feel I should just have to see Rxg7 either, although these things are much easier to pick apart after a game.

    Really, I should be able to play and gain experience in the endgame that would have followed, and there was still a lot left tactically (f4-f5 threat). Yes, it is a Morphy position after his …d6??(really, this is the positional game-loser, but if he doesn’t then White can also play d6, entombing the Bc8, which also weakens Black’s back rank. After Re3, he (missed?) the simply …Qg6, and it’s maybe +.8 only. Of course, this is the move I kept looking at for him and had hoped he wouldn’t play.

    BxNg4 was “taking a club” to the position, cavemanesque to meet the time requirement. He figured out how to challenge it sharply, but failed to try and simply foil it more positionally. But I’ve played Gene enough to expect this out of him, and it was consistent throughout the game. Gene is a very good positional player in any one given position, but he can be seduced by the opportunity to play all the forcing moves when he gets a chance.

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