World Championship Match 2013

Game 1 was far more interesting than could have been predicted. While Carlsen was busy giving his best Amos Burn imitation, Anand was trying to “stick it to The Man” (The Man being Carlsen in this case).

Anand had a lot of interesting possibilities, but went for this …Nd5 playing for eventualities line instead of the straight-up ..e5 line, or the intriguing …Qa5 line. He should have played one of these other two lines (the ..Qa5 line seems hard to resist, because the minor exchange could be meaningful, although …e5 is more thematic).

Perhaps Anand should have played on with the …b5 he was considering, but I was looking more at NxNc3 after a while. Those lines seemed more consequent to me in a way.

I found myself rooting for Anand, and yet also wanting Carlsen to show us the best defense against all Anand attacks (after all, I want to learn something from watching this! 😀 ).


One thought on “World Championship Match 2013

  1. I woke up at 5am and realized that I couldn’t resist to watch the game.
    It is really great to see not only comments, but the live video of the players.
    Magnus tried to avoid mainlines and lost it somewhere on the way.
    Yes, Nd5 looked simpler than other possibilities.
    I read that Carlsen is famous for his slow start even in the tournaments, so we will see.

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