Radioactive with the White Pieces

In Round 2 on Wednesday, I faced Justice for only the second time, and the first time with the White pieces. Since he is 600 points lower and had Black, this probably wasn’t supposed to turn out well for him.

This was a great Game to go over because I missed a lot of tactical subtleties for White (but I saw a lot of them for Black). I should be trying to increase my tactics comfort level, but I managed what I do know, at least, quite well.

The single fianchetto was risky enough, as I thought to myself that RollingPawns might have chosen the continuation for White 5.Bb5+ Bd7, 6.BxB+ QxB, 7.c4, and now White has traded his bad bishop for Black’s good bishop. Fruit much prefer the continuation that I went for, goading Black into playing ..c6. In fact, Fruit rather amazingly gives it +1 or more already. The double-fianchetto is upwards of +1.25 for White, rather remarkable.

I remembered a game where this same idea occured for White and Steinitz said that the …c6 was bad for Black. I was actually recalling games while I was playing, like the pros do. The idea I played to play Bb5+ and then Be2 or similar like this is not original to me (although I don’t use databases, just books), this is part of the old 19th century Romantic style of chess.

I was looking at ending the game with the convincing continuation 30.QxQ, 31.RxQ+ Kf6, 32.Re2, but I was glad to see it end right there. 😉


2 thoughts on “Radioactive with the White Pieces

  1. Thanks, Rollingpawns! 🙂

    “Beatdown Wednesday” leads to “Subdued Thursday”. I have too much energy on Wednesday, can hardly contain myself, but by Thursday the nervous energy is all gone. It’s still fun and exciting, but not the same. I wish I were less hyper on Wednesday and more on Thursday. 😀

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