Responsible Play

…but perhaps overly so at times.

This Game between me and Mark was for first place, but I was Black against 1.d4 and often don’t trust my play OTB as much as against 1.e4 openings.

I almost played 8…Nb6 to get it interesting and lively, but Mark is a respectable opponent, and I didn’t want to get into a guessing-game against him. Also, Fruit thinks I get an edge with …h5 in the endgame, not enough to win but to give him some losing chances with weak play. I had 10 minutes remaining at the end of the game to his 20, but he was oddly blitzing me for the last 15 moves or so and did not take my draw offer until it was an obvious 3-fold repetition.

It was a respectable result, as I should have White in the final round – and it’s always nice to get a challenging opponent in the final round.


2 thoughts on “Responsible Play

  1. This game from the beginning looks like destined for a draw.
    There is only one open line and pawn structure is symmetrical.
    I agree that it’s a respectable result, sometimes the fight just doesn’t happen.

  2. I think he was was trying to create a position with some dynamic possibilities (at least looking-wise), but that if I play for a draw he will try to weedle me down into something in time-pressure. It’s funny how it is normal to mainly notice other’s time pressure in comparison to your own – in this case you can see it from both our point of views, like a mirror-image. He did great to have 20 minutes remaining (I can’t remember this ever occuring before), but I believe his time-pressure is normally worse than my own.

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