Car Problems

No Thursday final round game for me tonight. I was set to take on Isaac (1998) with the White pieces – bit of a bummer, but mostly a lost opportunity.

It’s 17 degrees and we got 3 inches of snow last night, but the culprit is that my defroster (which has been temperamental, but mostly working) would not turn on. I thought I might have messed up my front end when I ran into a curb, but the car seems fine. I basically drove down the street before going back home. Problem was everyone else lights would cause all kinds of glare on my front window, blinding sort of. I couldn’t scrape off all the ice (no enclosed driveway, and I made the mistake of not putting a cover on the window), so when someone’s headlight came in from the side, my window looked like black ice, that’s when I hit the curb.

I’ll get this fixed, but I’d really like to take a step back from these winter tournaments for the next few months. I have to consider not playing because I don’t want to drive in traffic with Colorado Winter weather any more than I have to. It was pitch black at 5 pm, and was dark all day because obviously there is a ton of snow still left in the clouds. It’s just not worth driving through all of that stuff at night any more than one has to. If it were some big tournament where I could play more than one round or at a longer time control, then that would make more sense of a reason to go.

Turns out all this worry was for nothing. Isaac took a last round bye. In fact, I would have gotten paired with a 1400 or 1500 player, max.


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