The Secret of Chess

…appears to lie in endgames.

I played this 5 minute blitz Game on FICS yesterday. I finished with 2 minutes on my clock and he had closer to 3 minutes. Still, it’s remarkable in beauty because had he not resigned, I found this beautiful clincher after the game (no engine help BTW, as that would have defeated the whole point of what I am saying anyhow). 26…Kh8, 27.Rxc7!! putting the question to the knight, when it would be perfectly safe to win the exchange after 27…Nd5 because the important Bf3 doesn’t get traded off in this line. Even cute-r is 27…Ne2+, 28.Kd1 Ng1, 29.Bg2, trapping the knight.

I am reading the book “Endgame Strategy” by Sherevsky. Best book evuh! Some books are amazing. “Timman’s book on Chess The Adventurous Way” was so because of his knack of understanding positional compensation for material (why did I ever donate that mint hardcover to the library, they probably sold it for five bucks. doh!).

Sherevsky’s book is filled with remarkable games and annotation in words. Here is just one example, one of the best chess games I have ever seen (Lasker played a lot of these, and probably would have “dusted off” Morphy playing like this):

Blackburne vs Lasker 1892

I think a lot of sub-Class A players write off endgames as boring, but I believe that endgames define the essence of a position (successful, forcing mating attacks aside. hehe).


5 thoughts on “The Secret of Chess

  1. Frankly I think that 27. Nxb8 is stronger than 27. Rxf7, as his rook escapes to c8 after that.

    30… b4 was a nice move in that Lasker’s game as well as all the play in the end.

    I published my Thursday’s game.

  2. Wondering,

    I know what you mean. I learn the most from an endgame at a master’s hands, but OTB chess hardly includes time for endgames nowadays. other than for whoever can blitz highly technical/bookish ones. Certain players tend to avoid the middlegame just so that they can capitalize on the endgame. For the opening, middlegame and endgame player all in one, this person would need time OTB.

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