This Week’s Games

I suppose that it was a “tough chess-week at the office”, but nevertheless productive.

Wednesday’s Game

I cam back from the restroom with 3 1/2 minutes remaining on my clock, and absent-mindedly played 26.gxBf3 instead of the planned 26.Rd7!, but even after 26.gxB Re7?, White is still winning by force. I knew Rd3 was dumb, but it’s obvious I was making moves just to make moves because I couldn’t figure out any of the positions in time, although did find wins for White immediately in the post-mortem for some reason.

Thursday’s Game

I accepted Alex’s sudden draw offer, and although the majority of chances lie with Black, both sides have chances to go wrong. Clock times – Alex 33 minutes remaining, me 24. By contrast, in Wednesday’s game, Joe had about 74 minutes remaining, as he didn’t give me much of his time to think.

Both games were a great learning experience to go over with Fruit, in terms of what could have been improved from the critical point in the first game and the endgame of the second game. 🙂

The way to finish the second game in Black’s favor would have been to press forward the queenside pawns all the way to light squares in order to restrict the White bishop, then to trade rooks, then minor pieces, and then try to win the king and pawn ending.

Objectively, the king and pawn ending is drawn, but there are about 3 out of 5 ways for Black to win it, 1 out of 5 for White to win it, and 1 out of 5 for the game to end in a draw. I should have spent at least 10 minutes contemplating the draw offer, and playing on. I thought maybe Alex didn’t want to play anymore, but the truth is that he liked my position better and had plenty of energy to pal around with friends at the restaurant for the better part of another hour, and our game was the last to finish, so I should have kept playing for no other reason than to simulate the stress of a “real” tournament.


3 thoughts on “This Week’s Games

  1. In Wednesday’s game it looks like you lost feel of the position being in the time trouble. Weakening of the 1-st horizontal was a mistake that eventually costed you a game.

    The position in Thursday’s game after 20 moves does not look very exciting, but I think I would continue to play just because my opponent is lower rated than me.
    Maybe just exchange rooks and try to win N vs. B endgame, because your knight looks stronger than his bishop.

  2. It’s true in Game 1 that I lost feel in time-trouble, but just as true that I never had it in time.

    Game 2, I didn’t think that White was any worse if playing to hold the draw, and it wasn’t until much later that I realized, with the aid of Fruit, that I could force exchanges in an advantageous way for Black. He didn’t play on Wednesday, and I could feel that he had more energy and quicker determination than I had, although I was at last drinking lots of coffee by Thursday, which is what has lead to my impressive endgame blitzing wins of times past (nervous energy which I did not have on Wednesday, that was a big part of it).

  3. You have played Pahk before.

    I like 4…d5 instead of his choice. If you take on d5 he takes with the Q. As played, soon after you get a typical space edge with the e/d pawn duo.Once he won the B pair he needed to play exd4 not Nh5. Wonder if he just missed Bxh7+ permitted by Bxd5. 24.Rac1 or either R to e1 was better than Rfd1.

    The whole Bxf3 line could have been avoided with 25.Ng5! even though Qf4 was good. And 26.Ng5! was also winning. 26.Rd7 was alright but the issue was more about missing Ng5 on the last 2 plays.

    26…Re7 loses to 27.Rd6, etc.

    30.Rc8 was a blunder, Rc6 or Be4 instead.

    He found all the right moves after, including Re1+ and Qe5-2f1+ Probably 33.f4 since Qg3 was hopelessly lost. Interesting game, keep them coming. Glad you were not snowed in this time, evidently it was safe to drive to these events. I guess CO is warming up a bit!

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