How The West Was Won

It wasn’t pretty, I dropped my queen for no reason other than greed, but in the end providence took a foothold.

Final Round

I was winning, then I was losing. It was the best of times, it was the worst of time [from “A Tale of Two Citites”].

The moment he play Rxh7+ I said the f-word, because I knew what that meant, and I had never cursed during a game before. Actually, I can win the Nf5 safely by taking with the bishop (and Black’s queen still nicely covers h7). Well, he immediately returned the favor since Ke1 was about the only possible way for him to throw away the win after that, and then he gave me that same look that I had just give him a move before, and I said to him “We’re in time-pressure, both of us are going to make blunders from here!”. Whereupon he fortunately was so upset at himself (later realizing on his own that Kf1 or Kf3 was winning), that he immediately went from perpetual-check draw to a lost position all in one move.

So, as we have seen so many times before, the win became a draw, and then a loss all in two moves. How may times I have done this same exact thing as he did myself!

I had over 7 drinks and 5 beers at the bar after the game (Alex works at a bar), don’t hate on me if I can’t make it to play today (Thursday), hang-over. 😀 Butterscotch shnapps, strawberry rum, 1 1/2 bloody marys, hazelnut whiskey, rum (four of us picked up a shotski board that makes you all drink together at the same time), two pina coladas, a taste of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, large pitcher of Redd’s apple-ale.

Speaking of ratings, there was this one pool player that was lights-out amazing, and he was drunk and drinking coffee. I asked why he doesn’t go pro, and he said because “In pool anyone can win.” It struck me that chess is the same way, but we play on all the same. It’s easy to say woe is me, 1800, but my rating is in the 92 percentile, even though any player is a threat to win against me. I guess what we mean is that want to be international superstars, 1% baby, yeah! 😀 hehe. That _would_ be nice. 🙂

BTW, I also comment on RollingPawns blog:
We are both trying to make Expert, but now I would like RollingPawns to make it there first. RollingPawns, you deserve it more because you lose less and have a higher “class” of play in general. I am probably more dangerous in some ways because I study chess all the time, but I think that you have a more profound positional understanding of the game.

In that game last night, I was able to live up to my “big brother” RollingPawns, what he has taught me positionally. Excluding the blunder at the end, it was really a positional win, which is all the player of the Black pieces can hope for when playing the Hungarian Defense, anyway. 🙂

If this were a Game of the Day, I would title it “Shaken, not Stirred”. hehe, pithy title required.

In the post-mortem, I pointed out that I didn’t need to capture his Nf5, could have played …Raf8, and after Nh4 e3+, Kf1 QxQ, RxQ the win is not in doubt, as I won the post-mortems from there, the only question is how beautiful/positional the technique is from there on out.


2 thoughts on “How The West Was Won

  1. Unfortunately for him, fortunately for me, I felt I knew that he was going to blow that and make the wrong move there because he was lower-rated and a big part of rating is composure. It’s like the golf or billiards player, I just knew that shot was going to drop, even though it shouldn’t, just based on the emotional thing, or “the human thing” in battle as Thucydides would have called it.

    The drinking one time like that is kind of a stress-reliever and is very fun to do, but it’s not exactly good to drink that much and then play chess the next day. 🙂 This town is sort of a hard-luck, drinking town has been my perception of it.

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