You Only Live Twice in a King’s Gambit

Thursday. Round 1

(I love how at 7:04 Jimmy Paige throws away his guitar-pick)

Again, I was still not feeling 100%, getting over the cold, so my play is still a little shaky, but I feel better now.

White has 4.fxe, best, but I never really considered taking the free pawn.

Fruit thinks 5…exf was weak, 5…Nf6 is the move. Well, I was certainly happy to see 5…exf4, yes.

6…Nxd4. Fruit actually likes this move and thinks White is only +=, being up the piece for two pawns and losing the right to castle. Of course, no one plays that sac, so the engine probably just doesn’t really know.

Naturally, Black is messing up by trading pieces.

Instead of 15.Qe1, Fruit prefers 15.Rg1, which was my second choice.

17.h3 was a bit passive. Fruit prefers the wonderful idea of 17.Rf1 and if …g4, then Kh1, and I like this better too, having a better look at it now.

Tactically, and attacking-wise, I played this game rather lamely and should have lost because of that. For example, Fruit would play 24.Ne6+ piece-sac already here. Rather surprisingly, I saw 25.Ne6+ but didn’t play it because after say …Kb8, 26.NxRe8 gxh4+ I made a simple visual error of thinking that the knight was still on d6, cutting communication between Qd3 and Rd7 so that Black would have 27.Qe6+ and 28.QxRe7, but of course the knight is not on d6 in this position, it is on e8. After the game, I let Gene know that this is why I didn’t play 25.Ne6+, but apparently he never even saw the move. Someone bring out the stretcher, my tactics calculation needs help!

33.Qxf7?? Time-pressure blunder. I was also considering 33.Rxf7 which isn’t good either because of the move I failed to see, which is 33…Qe5+. 34.Qd5 covers the e5 square, and puts White back in command of the position after 35…Re8, which appears to be forced.

I began to lift my hand when he reached to play 37…Rg1+?? instead of 37…Qf3+ which is mate in two. I was going to congratulate him on his win after the correct move here, but as soon as he played my hope-chess move I quickly reached for my king and moved it instead.

Only five seconds were remaining on my clock, so I missed the nice mates here after 41…Kc6 (or any other king move). White was mating, but I saw another way to go which was just as effective, +10.


2 thoughts on “You Only Live Twice in a King’s Gambit

  1. I liked many of your moves until like move 30 and would play them myself.
    Then you started to make mistakes with the culmination on move 33. Qxf7.
    He let you escape and then your technique prevailed. Interesting game.

    It was a nice song.

  2. Thanks, RollingPawns! 🙂

    Yes, I saw the easy win and then amazingly blew it, only to get it back. The King’s Gambit is a great choice against an uprepared opponent under 1800 (haven’t tried it above that, but I would be hardly surprised if it still works), if you want to test your mettle or if one cares more about growing tactically than just the result. The neat thing is you can get many opportunities to play this opening at blitz play as well. For example, here is a King’s Gambit game I played last night:

    I dropped mate on g2, saw it immediately, when I should have played instead RxBe4 followed by Re1, Ne5, and Bxf4 by my own estimation. It really gives you a chance to check your tactical blindness and ability, like a tactical status-check. It’s really a lot of fun. hehe.

    In the OTB game, I played a lot of defensive moves that you would have likely played because I’ve picked up a lot of defensive technique from you, looking at your game. 😉 😀 It’s really rare to pick up defensive technique from a chessbook, for example, beyond the opening because most books are about winning brilliantly instead of neat defenses that could have been played (before it was too late) but weren’t. 😦

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