Amos Burn: A Chess Biography

My chess game has been steadily improving, lost among those that only watch my live-rating, which is mostly other OTB players.

I just finished this blitz game:

It’s really simple, but a blitz game is like a status check.

I have been improving my game from this awesome book on Amos Burn:

This thread on MDLM reminded me that bloggers have a shared interest in improving their play:

I separate bloggers from OTB players because I sometimes think OTB players have other motivations. Perhaps it’s simply an enjoyable, stimulating past-time, win or lose, or they want to prove their ego or something to themselves or whatever (this differs greatly from player to player, although the lcd among OTB players would have to be “rating”, moreso than improvement or even prize-money generally – which are like “consolation” prizes), whereas bloggers seem more focused on improving their chess, as a rule (which may be because their is no perceived ego-threat as their is in an OTB game, if taken as some form of “self-validation”).


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