Birthday Present

…was how Jordan described our Round 1 game when he resigned. I told him that I hadn’t wanted him to resign because I wanted to get the variaation on my scoresheet 21.Qe1 or Qc1 ..NxB, 22.QxN BxRf1, 23.RxRf1 Bxh2+, 24.KxB QxRf1 where White will be up two clear rooks.

Without the blunder (I pointed out after the game that he should have played 8.Be2 instead of 8.Bb5??) there might be no win, but the biggest victory for me, besides the score, was getting him out of his Cheescake opening familiarity (although he said that we were still in his system on move 8).

I didn’t feed this game into an engine. In fact, I put all the moves to the game down on a text file, blindfold, and then checked the scoresheet. I only made two transpositional errors. One was I thought he played 2.Nf3 instead of e3, and the other was I put …0-0 before ..Ba6, but I figured something was wrong here anyway since I remembered castling before him, and that explained the discrepancy. See, you hardly need a computer after all other than for record-keeping!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Present

  1. The standing joke in CO Springs, every time you beat a low-rated kid, is “So, you beat up on a poor, defenseless kid. Do you feel like a real man now?” courtesy of 2100 player Kevin Seidler.

    April 2, turned 47. Thanks! 🙂

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