Just When You Are Looking For a Long Fight

…your opponents over 1700 will almost always sense an unfavorable energy-mismatch, and offer a draw, which is what happened in this Round 3 game. My opponent offered a draw, said he wasn’t feeling well after the game. I accepted the draw because I had been outplayed in the opening and on the clock – he had spent around 10 minutes compared to my 46. I didn’t want to find out what would happen after 20.cxQd4 Ng4, 21.f3?? Ne3, 22.BxNe3 RxBe3, 23.b4 (forced) cxb, and White is losing. Alex pointed out that I have 21.Bf4 (a critical defensive move/position).

I wanted to play on, but really had no business doing so, so I accepted his draw offer. It seems he would have played 20…Bg4 in reality, but he can force a draw or hold onto an advantageous position or probably both.

Anyway, I made lots of mistakes in the opening, and he took advantage of these opening innacuracies quite skilfully.


7 thoughts on “Just When You Are Looking For a Long Fight

  1. Sorry, my comment is belated again. My car had -1800 on the oil life panel when I finally got it to mechanic for maintenance this Monday, so it shows how overloaded I am.
    I really hope that next week my life will get back to normal.
    I am not sure I like that Bf1, g3 idea, though I realized you wanted to attack e6.
    But he has time to play e5.
    Anyway, the result is not bad considering his rating is 100 point higher.

  2. I hope that you are OK. It looks like I got some relief from the campaign that drained all my time and energy and prevented/postponed many things I needed to do.
    Didn’t play from February 6.
    Did you play last week, are you playing this week?

  3. RollingPawns, I am so glad you replied! I was feeling rather depressed I have to admit. After I read this, I ate breakfast, and am at the moment getting my “new” Ubuntu-machine back up and running (same box, but with the latest Ubuntu 14.1 and a widescreen monitor this time) – but I hadn’t been motivated to do this before.

    I recovered my games from my last crashed hard-drive (by booting from a “Live CD”). Entering games from my 7″ Samsung Galaxy tab just got to be too tedious, and I am looking forward to going back to the mouse! (even this laptop got to be a bit irritating, so I never tried loading stuff, and it is more like my “rescue” computer now).

    My results have been disappointing. My rating dropped to 1824 (but I won last Thursday in a Round 1 game). I stopped eating before my last two Wednesday games and it affected my ability to concentrate over the board (like only eating a bowl of soup that day). In my game against Spencer, I was up, had a rook, knight and pawn against rook and lost with two seconds on my clock. I even suspected one move would lead to mate, and does, but didn’t play it because I had no time to think, he blitzed me out of the house. After the game, I had trouble concentrating, trying to recreate the game.

    Last Wednesday, I did the same thing against Paul, and then did my characteristic desperado with 14 minutes left, which I found the refutation for long before he played it, same way I lost to him last time.

    I’ll post these games as soon as I get Xboard up on my new system.

    I’m glad you are finally back! You get to enjoy some OTB chess now. Yahoo!

    There was a big tournament this weekend that I missed, but I had to work. Kinda depressing to see a lot of people’s rating jump up because they finally get a chance to play all higher-rated, but at the same time I am happy for them that they get that chance to play.

  4. Don’t get too upset about the rating, mine is the same right now – 1828.
    Just try to play a bit faster in the opening and steady in the middlegame.
    I played today, finally. They have an open club championship, so with all the byes I got 3/6 and was paired with 1367 player. He actually played well and could even get some advantage after a couple of my rather risky moves.
    Then I saw a possibility to catch his bishop and it worked.

  5. Once I get some time, this Saturday, I am going to put up my game – I’ve got a first date tomorrow or I would do put them up fotmorrow.

    My games this week are as you said, poor time-management. I know this is my issue, and could move faster if I wanted to, but I like to relish my postions too much. i should have lost against lower-rated yesterday, all he had to do was take my piece, but of course instead I took his.

    Tonight I played a piece sac against Daniel as White, he’s 1725. It drifted into an even position, and then I was feeling light-headed and made this horrible blunder in a dead-even position with just under three minutes on my clock. I played a move which I knew was losing, and maybe I was almost hallucinating or something, but either way it comes back to time-management/time-pressure. It’s not just time, it’s also an energy issue. You need to have monster energy level if you want to blitz on the knubs of the clock.

    I’m glad you won your first game, but I also would have predicted it as you were probably not wanting to screw anything up and just get your playing rythm back.

  6. You are absolutely right, I didn’t want to screw up and played carefully. Even my risky moves didn’t seem that risky when I made them, I just realized afterwards that they were.

    I think one reason that prevents you from the right time management is you convinced that you can play fast and good, sometimes you are proud that you finished with the flag hanging.
    Yes, sometimes you can and sometimes you can’t and then you simply make a bad move, blunder or lose on time.

  7. I am not proud of blitz play. I find it repulsive and feel that I am at a disadvantage other than for my greater knowledge-base, overall, to draw from. The one second left games I win far more than not, and it’s not a time-management issue, it’s a refusal to make a bad move for the sake of the clock that wins those games.

    I want to analyze OTB many lines because I probably won’t and don’t when I get home. Others play fast because all they are thinking about is moving the game along in their favor as much as possible as quickly as possible, and aren’t doing much analysis of specific positions unless they are forced to do so.

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