I’ve finally got a desktop pc up and running. I had to unplug my video card and go with the on-board one as I couldn’t get any of many distros to work otherwise. Even Ubuntu had major issues with my video card, despite that my previous and much older version had had no troubles with it.

Perhaps the base install just can’t deal w/a video card. I have Linux on my laptop, but am not a fan of tablets nor laptops when it comes to productivity. In any case, I am back up and running now at long last, and have access to my OTB games going back a couple of years at least, and will try to get them into scid (chess DB) at some point.

The ChessX database looks very nice, and professional on Kubuntu.


3 thoughts on “Kubuntu

  1. Yes, I played Anthea as Black last Wednesday and after basically winning the whole game, lost a king and pawn ending with two seconds on my clock in once again spectacular melt-down fashion. Naturally, I was up a pawn and completely winning, just kings and pawns, and managed to lose it.

    Thursday I played little Fabio, 1300 or so, if that. I spotted him a whole bishop, free and clear, just gave that sucker away with no muss or fuss, as if we had started the game with my piece missing from the board. So out of a “normal” middlegame position, with piece odds given, I went straight for his king and checkmated him. šŸ˜€ but never had a time issue in that game.

    I’ll post the games by tomorrow. šŸ™‚

    I know what you mean about the stress. Game in 90 is so demanding. At least I can say if I could have a minute on my clock after move 60 I would have won so many lost games of late. Obviously end-games demand time and we don’t have that 30 second increment like they had in that US Championship that just finished.

    That was a great win in your game. You showed that you had a superior sense of development/initiative when you played ..g5. It’s very difficult to feel that so intuitively as I figured that his Nxg5 was going to win as well, until I could see that he was trading off all his developed pieces and then doomed. Stronger still would have been to trade queens on move 15, IMHO. Not even let him play Qe2 and Nc3 with at least your queen as a possible target to gain tempos from. šŸ˜‰ Amazing combo for the finish, did not see that. šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks!
    I played today, got ~1950 rated boy, thought I lost to him in the past, but it was a draw.
    I played Ruy Lopez and closed center with d5. He made a positional mistake and I won it with a straight attack on the kingside. Did you play?

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