Easy On The Eyes

Round 4, Thursday

I have a whole slew of games to catch up on for my blog, but I’ll post last night’s game first. Unlike a string of convoluted efforts that I have had recently, where I am winning and then destroy the value of my game in time-pressure, this one is relatively straight-forward.

Like I told Dean after the game, he should have attacked me on the kingside in this variation, not the queenside. I am glad that Dean seems to have a bit of a passive, yet logical nature at the chessboard because it forces me to play very logically against him, and my king has not gotten hammered yet by him. Plus, he plays the same variation, hence I played my first 10 moves in only 5 minutes.


2 thoughts on “Easy On The Eyes

  1. I thing 21. f5 is a bad move. His attack on the kingside is not supported by the pieces, so nothing good comes out it.
    As you said, you played very logically and then tactics finished the job.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement! šŸ™‚

    You are right, 21.f5 is probably the losing move now that you point it out. I was looking at this game again right now and it appears as if after 23….Qe4! that White is toast because if 24.Qd1, which I had thought was best, then 24….Re8 wins a pawn because if 25.QxQ BxQ, 26.Re1 Bxf5; noticing that now.

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