Beat The Clock

I am playing Jordan here in Round 3, 1564 rating.

I should be commentating on moves, but the story at the time was the clock. 17..Nxb4??, 18.axNb5 should be obvious in hindsight of the requisite calculation required.

19.Rd4?? Trading blunders, mine based more on greed as I saw that 19.Rc1xBc6 is winning (two pieces for rook). I thought that 19.Rd4 was risky by comparison, but did not bother to calculate it in my time-pressure.

21…axBb5. This is the only non-losing move on the board, a forced recapture, and Jordan initially made the move, then looked at my clock and put the pawn back. He did this because my clock was just under five minutes. Eventually, I looked over at his clock to see his time remaining and noticed that it was my clock that had run down to 47 seconds and still ticking. I pressed my clock, whereupon Jordan immediately captured my piece. So I had just lost 4 minutes based on this happenstance.

At the end of the game, with one second on my clock, I had grabbed the queen I had set aside to promote with. Unfortunately, I had once again picked up the wrong color queen after pushing my pawn onto the queening square. I said “Queen!” and punched my clock. At this point, Jordan says I have lost on time, and I objected, even telling him that he could promote it to any piece. Jordan should have taken my advice as a promotion to a bishop would have drawn the game. Instead, when Shirley (the TD) asked him what his claim was, he claimed that he had won on time (he can’t actually win on time, since he has no mating material, so really his _claim_ was 100% invalid). Shirley said that he could claim that the move was illegal and add two minutes onto his clock if he wanted, but thereupon Jordan resigned.

I played on Thursday and blitzed with this new guy, once again forgetting to press my clock, whereupon he wanted his buddy to “check this out” that I am so lame that I forgot to press my clock. I sensed what was up, disgustedly once again, and pressed my clock. I had him pinned down and captured his king when he made an illegal move. Anyway, it’s like a new generation of jokers are born everyday, and I kinda don’t want to go through all this again with the next batch of low-rated players on Thursday that I have never played against (there are quite a few of them), so I may cut back my G/90 weekdays and just play on Wednesday instead, and use the time for study or job-search or etc, etc.

I believe what should have happened in Wednesday’s game, after I pushed my clock on the last move, was that Jordan should have either pushed his clock, which would have given me another 5 seconds to find the right queen (which was on the other side of the board), or he should have tried to replace my pawn on the eighth rank with a bishop before I could have, just as quick-wittedly, replaced that pawn with a queen. The point being that the pawn had to promote to something, as it couldn’t remain a pawn on the eighth rank while it was still his turn to move (unless he had accepted my verbal claim that it was a queen by making a move and punching his clock).

Alternatively, I could have paused the clock to get a TD to find my queen for me, but I should preferably be doing this before I punch my clock or at least before my opponent has replaced my pawn with a piece.


3 thoughts on “Beat The Clock

  1. his move 32 … Rd5 was horrible.
    As long as he keeps the rook – should have been a draw at that point.

  2. I agree with the previous comment – it was a draw.
    I don’t think he can put his piece instead of your pawn, it is your move.
    I agree with the TD’s decision that your move was illegal and he can get 2 more minutes.
    Then you can play on increment until mate.

  3. hehe. I ran that by chess Master Josh Bloomer last night and he agreed with you that the piece cannot be replaced by other player, it is just an illegal move (the piece replacement by opponent is probably just a blitz-chess thing).

    Thanks for your comment on my other game as well. 🙂

    I played last night, played stupidly, lost a pawn against Expert Paul Anderson and then the game. It was a lengthy endgame, but it was dead lost with finesse, which he of course applied. I was on the Black side of a Slav. I did come to some helpful sort of “non-chess” but chess conclusions on how I could have performed better. I would post it but I need a new mouse to get that Kubuntu computer working properly (mouse freezes).

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