One For The Crew

Play this final Round 5 game with Orion playing in the background first, if you like, as it’s a long song.

After a bunch of clumsy losses this month, and Alex had some as well where he probably should have won, I still felt that everything that we had conditioned ourselves and trained for would come off in a positive way soon. So even after only four hours of sleep after a night of heavy drinking, I still felt better than on Wednesday after having one more day off from work.

Not too surprisingly, I finished the game with four seconds on my clock. It’s as if my Weltanschauung of chess leads to my reticence to play moves in a more timely manner. Before I played …Rg6, William offered me a draw, and I declined because I have already conditioned myself to play games out – Alex and I joke that we are following Silman’s rule of not accepting any draws until we reach 2500 rating, but that conditioning has been built in already, so this is more the reward of that.

There was a Row in one of the games between David and the other William where that William was winning when he quit. If Shirley is reading this and looking for advice, then I would seek to nullify that game and count it as a half-point bye for prize purposes, although that is just what I would do as TD. Someone should have to win a game to get the win, that goes for both players.


One thought on “One For The Crew

  1. Strange that he didn’t play 22. Bf4 defending the pawn.
    Also I don’t like 33. gxh4.
    It looks like after giving up exchange for 2 pawns you are better with the strong bishop and passed pawns.
    Well played!

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