Poor Positional Play

Here is my Round 4 loss on Wednesday.

I played like a “fish out of water” during the critical middlegame moments. It’s not like Paul came out at me with a truck. No, he let me do whatever I wanted to do, which was mixed to bad. It’s easy to go wrong when you are the kid in the candy-shop and don’t have enough familiarity with an opening – just ask Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, The Gingerbread Man. Well, you are getting the idea. My sense of responsibility just flew out the window, along with my energy-level, clock-time, and good sense.


3 thoughts on “Poor Positional Play

  1. My coach says : when you lose to a stronger player, there’s usually a positional lesson to be learned.

  2. I don’t like b5, as well as c5, he simply can take the pawn on b5, can’t he?
    He was maybe too quiet at some point and you decided to get active.
    By simply standing you could keep a good position and two bishops.
    I would call it rather psychological lesson.

    I played today with an expert, former master.
    I missed a win playing against him 5 months ago.
    Today he also chose to self-destruct, this time I helped him 🙂 and won.

  3. Congratulations on your win, RollingPawns! 🙂 I was on the self-destruct side of it tonight, and mostly for a lack of finding two building moves!

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