So, I am a bit pleased and stunned at the same time after I got my new rating of 1799. I was expecting an 1810-1814 rating (and that’s me feeling pessimistic). If am going to receive a rating under 1800 (which I did not consider a realistic possibility), then I will play at the Salute to Boris Spassky tournament on July 19 in the under 1800 section. I lost my last two to Anthea, last game to Kory Kohler (and consider his dad as a real threat to my rating as well), Should have lost to Lennon the time before last. So, hey, I guess that is where I belong at the moment and where I will be. We will see how it all turns out, as I would have to do an amazing job of it to not lose rating points in that section. We will see what is what, and who is who.

Okay, so in this Game I played against adorable little Sarah, who induces grown men to drop pieces against her (She beat a 1900 player recently). Honestly, I shouldn’t point fingers, since Brian Wall dropped a whole rook to me for no reason that one time.

I knew when I chose my standard 2.c3 line, rather than an Open Sicilian, that I would face this …e5 push, but I preferred to play this way as it will reveal how much that I can push my positional limits for a win.

I think it hits me a way of “Look at me, I am only 1799, I must be doing something wrong”. Although I did finished this game with 36 minutes, a couple months back I had won against Sarah with only 2 minutes on my clock. Against Richard yesterday, I finished with 24 minutes, so I have been making improvements in my game. It hurts me to be under 1800, but it is also an opportunity at the same time as I was planning on missing the Boris Spassky Salute tournament, but now I believe that I will go.


8 thoughts on “Stunned

  1. 20. Nxf7 was not bad at all. Even with 36 minutes spent the game looks like an easy win.

    Do not worry about going under 1800. I went even under 1700, so what?
    Your real strength will show anyway and you will get back. But you have to solve your time management problem in order to have a stable, with potential of growing, rating.
    You lose too many games because of time. Why don’t you start from Botvinnik rule:
    20% of time for the first 15 moves. It really worked for me and I saw people getting in time trouble when they broke this rule. Spending too much time on opening and part of middlegame is like smoking – you should convince yourself that it is really bad and start decreasing the number of cigarettes down to zero and no smoking afterwards.
    That’s how I quit it many, many years ago.

  2. So you are going to play so long as you feel you are overrated? Congrats on the bottom feeding. Coward.

  3. Jon, your comment is very stupid and rude. He didn’t lose intentionally to get low rating.
    Rating system reflects your strength at the given moment. My rating at one time (when I was stressed) went from 1800+ to ~1650. So what ? It means I played that bad and so it was.
    Did I stop playing in order not to hurt somebody’s feelings ? Of course not.
    I continued and my rating eventually went up.

  4. RollingPawns, thanks! πŸ™‚

    Jon, you are entitled to your opinion but calling it “bottom-feeding” is out of place. Daniel Herman was a child when I started playing him, around 1100 and not he is just under 1900. He was there on last Thursday, as well as Spencer who was 1300 seemingly only a handful of Panera tournaments ago and is now 1811. Jackson Chen just made Master. The last time I spoke with him at a tournament he was half his current size and around my rating. Even Joe Pahk, Issac (I used to beat him regularly when he was a child and made it look easy then). Katie, Rhett, Jason Loving. The list is really endless, 1400 when I first played them and then the last 3 made Expert, well Katie barely missed. Deanna was around 1400 when she got the Upset prize at a large tournament for beating me. Today’s 1200 is tomorrow’s Master. My Wednesday opponent, Richard, who I made easy work on was actually 1 win, 1 loss and 3 draws going into that game. There really is no “bottom-feeding” and in fact they have fed off of me, that’s how they got a good chunk of their rating. They have all fed off of me way more than I have fed off of them.

    If I play in the Open Section, I will terrorize it, probably go 3-1. If I play in the lower section, they will all at least have the have a chance to terrorize me.

    What I really want to punish now is the USCF ratings system. My rating might get re-rated tomorrow as 1800, as it’s not official until after tomorrow (USCF re-rates on Tuesdays and Fridays).

    RollingPawns, you are right, this is what I am working on. I didn’t spend 36 minutes on the win, that is what I had left. I started with 88 minutes when I got there, so actually I spent 52 minutes.

    I need to work on my openings more, as this was killing me on the clock as well, and could continue to, so I am beginning to take it more seriously now.

  5. BTW, my earlier comment in the post is out-dated. I will play in the Open Section if my rating gets re-rated as 1800, as it would be a bigger thrill for me to win that section and take down some players in that section who have been either intentionally or unintentionally avoiding me.

    The part that I find rude is that someone casually reading this blog might not understand that I don’t get Saturdays and Sundays off, I work those days. I asked for these two days off and they were unapproved, meaning I could get fired or placed on a final for playing in this tournament. So, naturally, these are days without pay for me, the sole-breadwinner, whereas many kids who play don’t even have jobs or their parents pay their entry-fee.

    Of course, I am thinking of leaving my job soon anyway (one obvious reason is that I can’t get approved time off), which makes what I just said partly a moot point, but not quite.

  6. You will get back, for sure, just play faster. πŸ™‚
    I played on Monday with the guy I beat a couple of times before, same rating.
    I got an attacking position and then sacrificed rook for a pawn, royal fork if he takes it.
    For some reason he gave up the queen for rook and knight, then after some resistance lost.
    It allowed me to finish the tournament at 50%, though I had one point bye.
    My rating after two tournaments ended up at 1957.

  7. Kids think they will beat you if they just play fast enough, that’s probably why he did it. I’ve taken your advice and am playing more quickly, but I still go into big thinks right after the opening, like I am adjusting to what has just taken place.

    That’s great that you’ve locked in that rating! πŸ™‚ Now don’t spoil it until you get to 2000, and hopefully not then either. πŸ˜€

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