Dropped a piece

…but he didn’t see it (as Ben Finegold might say). Whereas, he dropped a piece…and I saw it (Ben’s videos crack me up).

Round 1

The complications after 15…e5 looked mind-boggling, and I was even considering going for a positional win with 16.Nxe5, spurning the piece (because he had spent so long on this move before making the “automatic” rook recapture of 15…Rxf6, to which I credit him for making just to hang in there with chances later on). I would probably just take his pieces and survive, as that looks quite winning it just requires the right mindset; really, it would have been fun to defend that for the win. You can’t know everything, but you can play within your limits, and those limits can be far out there.

It’s funny how we had both missed the Ng5 recapture (I saw it when I played exf e.p., but I would have postionally played that move in any event). But when you spend time on one specific postion, you can really drill-down deep into the tactical complications. At least tactical complications are more forcing than positional sequences.

I thought he could have played 21…e5, 22.fxe Nxe5, but the thing is that he would be starting out complications a piece down to begin with.

29.Re1?? I should have played this a move sooner, I missed ..exBf4. 30.Re8+ Kf7, whereas he rejected it because of 31.Rd8, but then he has Bc6, 32.Nxd5 and I’ve won a pawn for my piece and his f-pawns are a target, so it’s somewhere between equal and -1. Actually, when I played 28.Qf2, that was a touch move and had to play it, else I would have played 28.Re1. Well, at least I am giving it my best shot to play within the time-control.

I had 7:01 remaining on move 50, so I was proud that this was a full game, and played like one, yet I still had time. I thought his weakness was that he didn’t make moves in complications quickly enough, he was giving me too much time, and yet he did spot and play the pawn-winning …Qxe5 move instantly. I didn’t see it, but knew that the Bf4 reply had only improved my position.

Because I’ve been studying so much of Karpov, the tactics just seem to be a back-up of the positional play. Not getting the inferior position is the thing to strive against (although you can’t win ’em all).


7 thoughts on “Dropped a piece

  1. 15… e5 looks too crazy after 16. fxe7.
    I would credit him for 26… Qxe5, I didn’t see it either.
    I would consider more seriously 29… exf4, he is down a piece and has nothing to lose.

  2. “he is down a piece and has nothing to lose.”

    A great thought. A kid would have taken it, but a lot of us adults over-think these things. 😉

  3. I won yesterday, beat that Russian-speaking boy whom I was beating before, but last year drew with difficulty and then he progressed a lot.
    After winning our top section (at Monday’s club) in the last tournament his rating went up to 2200. That section had 1 master and 8 experts out of 19 players.
    But in the game with me he didn’t execute well White’s attack in Ruy Lopez.
    I got a better position, intercepted the initiative and then found a tactical strike.
    I won’t tell you more 🙂 , better will try to publish the game.

  4. Yes, I remember. It was that boy who you beat that first time and then practically apologize to his parents for beating their son, even though he played terrible you said he played well, and then he went on to beat you in some of those shouldn’t have lost type of games, and now you are back on track once again. Yes, you can beat kids forever, but then they just go out and beat a bunch of other people and make Expert or Master by taking players out of their comfort-zone.

    That’s great that you won!! 🙂 If you don’t feel up to it then don’t play on Thursday, but at the same time I sense that you are on a roll now. Playing on back-to-back days made my chess more complacent than when I only get to play once a week and have to make that one game count more. For you, you had a bit of a break about two months back, so can keep your focus for this month. You make Expert if you don’t lose games this month, and maybe play like one round next month just to lock it in if you prefer.

  5. No, it’s a boy with whom I had 4:0 score and then I drew. He beat and drew with a lot of masters/experts since then. The Thursday’s club is closed until September.

  6. lol. That is even more convincing that you will make Expert then. The one game a week instead of two should be to your advantage, you can focus more on your mission then.

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