Took The Long Way Home

In this Round 1 Game, I had Black against Dean – usually get White against him. Dean was not so long ago rated 200 points higher than he is now, but has been playing a lot more lately and ironically enough sometimes playing more causes you to put less emphasis into any single game.

Well, I start out with what ultimately should have been a relatively simple win, IMO, if I had played 14…Rfe8, and the …Rad8 and …Qf5 should seal the deal. I almost didnt’ play 14…Rae8? because of 15.Ba3!, but then played it anyway because I missed seeing 16.b5 until after he played 15.Ba3, which strangely seemed best to me anyway. So now I was goading a lower-rated player into making best moves – not good for one’s rating.

Little did I realize that I was dropping the d-pawn as well. I felt that after 20…Bxf2, 21.Rxf2 that I might not be coming out of this alive, and pawn structure is not so important in this type of variation.

25.Qd4? Game should have reached an even, if not technically demanding endgame after 25.Qd8+ QxQ, 26.RxQ+ Kg7, 27.f4 Rxc4, 28.Re7! Rxf!, 29.Rxb7 Re4!, 30.Rxa Rxe5, and Daniel, who was watching our post-mortem, called this a “book draw”. Ultimately, I should be able to get my rook behind his pawn, and then also cut off his king with my rook, and lose tempos with a Khg7-h7 type of shuffle.

If 37.Rd5+, then …Kxf4, 38.RxR?, bxR, 39.c5 Ke5, and my king easily catches the pawn for example.

If 38.Rd7 Kxg3, 29.Rxf7 Kxh4, 30.Rg7 Kg4, 31.Rxg6+ Kxf4, Black has the sole kingside pawn, and 32.Rg2 can be met by Ra3 with the h-pawn advancing while the a2 pawn is babbysat. This is the sort of thing which is difficult to calculate in time-pressure, or at least is for me. I finished the game with about 3 1/2 minutes to his 7 minutes. I’d say at least half an hour is spent during the game just considering the “ratings point type of consequence” behind key moves. It’s as if I knew what to do, but had to waste time starting into the disbelief of the best chances offered.

It’s amazing how one simple tactical mistake (laziness) against a much lower-rated player can nearly send one into ratings-point purgatory. Dean has beaten players such as Expert Paul before, for example, so he is not so weak, but it’s his rating that’s weak.


12 thoughts on “Took The Long Way Home

  1. Yes, it was a draw after 25. Qd8, but you would get only half a point. πŸ™‚
    He lost in the endgame, his moves f4, h4 and g3 costed him a game.
    He moved pawns and you moved the king, that was the difference.

  2. RollingPawns, good luck, if you play today! πŸ™‚

    It should have been a draw, definitely, but by the time we were back to even pawns, with his pawn islands the way they were, I was just expecting to win somehow by that point honestly. hehe. πŸ˜‰

    I was feeling a little bit of chess-burnout before the game. That’s when I study too much and then when I play I just want to make the move already without analyzing it any more than I would were I playing on FICS.

  3. Thanks. I played yesterday, eventually.
    My opponent didn’t come, I waited for almost an hour and I really hope that TD keeps his promise to give him a rated forfeit. I was paired then with a young guy, unrated, but at home I found him on the FIDE site still without rating, but with about 30 games played, strange.
    He played these games back in Greece.
    Anyway, he had White, started kind of passive and I hoped for a quick win, but then he tightened up. The game was positional, then we went into an endgame my R+B vs. his R+N.
    I lost a pawn, but was getting it right away with an only way for him to prevent it doing threefold repetition. So it ended up in a draw, better than just go home.

  4. You should post it. You stopped the Greek onslaught of Canadian chess from happening. hehe. πŸ˜‰ A draw with Black is never a bad thing, but it’s usually a frustrating thing.

    It’s probably a bit unravelling to have to play an unrated player as a 1900 player, particularly if you try to go for too much. I was reading somewhere where it was said by some famous GM that you don’t want to play too forcing because then you will force the lower-rated player to make best moves (which become indicated by the board). It’s easier to rope-a-dope a lower rated player. Chepukaitis, that’s who said it. They never even gave him Master even though he could play Tal or Nezhmetdinov at Blitz and win most games games them.

    Never heard of a rated forfeit before. My first win against a Master back when 1500 was a “house-game” and never rated even though it was a 30/90 G/30 game, which was weirdness in the opposite direction.

    The main thing was getting the point in the tournament, which means you will get a high-rated opponent in the last round! πŸ™‚

  5. It was a last round. The new ratings came, the guy that didn’t come (he did it also in the first round) didn’t get these two forfeits (rated losses), two bad.
    It’s not that I wanted to get the points for the game I didn’t actually win, but he had to be punished. Anyway my rating went up to the maximum I had in June.

  6. At my club, it’s a $5 fee/penalty for forfeiting and not telling the TD 15 minutes before the game. $5 is not much, but it’s a compelling way of getting someone to realize that they have done something wrong and that there is a reason as to why they must pay – i.e., they messed up pairings for other participants. Two forfeits in one tournament is ridiculous and I think there should be a more severe penalty for that as well.

    I played last night, was up 3.5 at one point, according to Daniel’s Shredder program, but I still managed to lose it. Will post it in the am hours.

  7. Hi. I am doing okay. I feel a little bad that I’m not allowed a weekend off ever, missed three chess tournaments in the past month and a half, and there is one this weeken, and my boss laughed at me when I asked for it off. I requested these three months go, but you had to request them eight months ago. I’m kind of fed up with that. I’ve been in tech support 2.5 years and the responsibilities have only gone up the whole time, much greater, but no more pay. ‘Thinking of quitting possibly. Ive played last two Wednesdays, will try to post them tonight.

  8. I am glad you are OK. It’s horrible that you do not have weekends, at least every second one.
    What are the chances of getting some other job? Did you try to get some programming part-time job? Probably it could give the same amount as your full-time now.

  9. I would love to do that, program part-time, would be awesome.

    Just saw my mom and stepbrother for first time in 3 1/2 weeks, that felt so motivating. Same thing with your reply here, you just encouraged me to put these games onto my computer and post them.. Hope you played alright if you played tonight.

    Besides the fact that I haven’t had a raise in 2.5 years and most every calls is basically an escalation, it’s a different beast that programming. Programming is great because you can change things. At a call center, I have to work within the lines, keeping a working textbook of facts about things that are totally f’d up, given a programmer’s point of view to change things, and keep that in mind during a “tech support” call. It’s like being a cop trying to settle an argument where you know every Tuesday night that Joe blow gets drunk and does x,y,z and doesn’t mean anything by it.

    That being said, the difference between tech support and tier 1 customer service is that we totally think outside the box on every call and solve things that way, whereas tier 1 is completely in the box compared to us. Tier 1 will think everything is a technical issue, whereas we will know that appearances are deceptive and instantly realize that it’s not what tier 1 thought it was and solve it in some way which wouldn’t occur to them because they are too mislead by details and don’t know how to interpret thaat this problem here is actually that problem way over there. I fix things like this all day long. Even when my chess is bad, I can still do cartwheels at my job. hehe.

    I’ll get in trouble if I play this weekend, but I just may do it.

  10. I see. Good part of my job now is maintenance of the existing system, so it seems similar. You have to solve the problem and solve fast. And few hours of investigation and thinking could result in just one or a few strings of code or a bit of fixed data in DB.

    I played today (yesterday, lol). Beat 2027 rated guy in Ruy Lopez, had White.
    The difference was tactics, I saw more than him. Will try to post this week.

  11. Wow, I’m impressed!

    I’ll start applying to some jobs. If I started out on my own, I’d have to come up with some new product. If only I had such an idea.

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