Winning One For The Gipper

After my recent losses, this one was short and sweet. 

Round 4

This game just came down to propper planning by White versus poor planning by Black.  Black should have organized a …d4 push much earlier than in the game (his next move, if not for getting checkmated, would have been to play …d4).  In the absence of direct threats he seemed to find it difficult to come up with a plan, or didn’t try hard enough to.  Like I told Alex, “He just put his pieces on pretty squares (without a real plan).” 

Win one for the Gipper


2 thoughts on “Winning One For The Gipper

  1. Nice attack and bishop on c5 was great.
    He allowed to create a weakness on the kingside and didn’t even bother to defend it.

    Yeah, the guy was not only good president, but a good actor too.

  2. lol. You would have defended it, I know. The craziest thing is that I saw this whole knight maneuver, but then forgot about it because I was so taken by calculating any drawing chances by piece trades that he may have. I figured that he might quickly figure out that he needs to play …g5, sac a pawn to avoid mate, but he never did, and after the game I looked at it with Alex and we saw that even that was completely hopeless right away.

    hehe. Chuckling. Glad you liked the link. 🙂 I think he was a fine actor, too, had a lot of poise and confidence.

    I wish I had paid the $1,000 entry fee to get into the millionaire open, big mistake. I didn’t want to play in under 2000 section, didn’t like that they could kick you out if they suspect you of cheating, or the rapid time-control play-offs that would appear to determine all of the large prize winnings. Also, I was on the paranoid side that it might fold (too conventional thinking). If I could do it again, I would have entered. I am like “Mr Regrets, Inc.” 520 entries, which means twice as much money going to payouts as entries. Acck! I am such a maroon (as Bugs Bunny would say)! 😀

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