Wednesday Round 1

Chess nerves were showing in this game. 

 7…Ne4 ought to be played.  Instead, I hung back and completed development.

11..Qc7 to stop e4 (protect the Bd6), which she almost played once already.

15. a4.  White is putting the onus on Black to come up with something.

16. Rf3  An inaccuracy, although it was difficult to guess where White was going to go next in this position.

17. Qd4  Drops the game in quite a nerve-wracking position for both players.
Perhaps simply 17.Rf2.  I was looking for non-commital variations here which give me an “out”.  For example, at the time I wanted to play ..b6, ..Nb7, ..Nc5, but this is simply not possible on account of Bxa6 +-.  I would have been forced to find correct play OTB.  17…e5, 18.Bd2 looks best for White.  White can play more active with 18.Nf5 Bc5, 19.fxe Qxe, 20.Nd4, then possibly trade down on d4 or play …Rc8-d8, and in any case add pressure down the e-file.  Black may have an edge, but most importantly finally has counterplay or active play.

I half expected her to play Nxd5 sac as she did, and had already seen that even trading queens would land me up a rook, but I went for best play.  After the fork, it was finally “child’s play” for me OTB, could feel that.

Stressful game, as it usually is for me as Black, even though I had 33 minutes remaining still.  Shirley made a blunder in a very nervy position which surprised, and yet didn’t surprise me at the same time given what I said before.

The final position is a mate in 3 after Kf1…Qd1+, although Shirley resigned right away.



4 thoughts on “Confounded

  1. Come on, it was child’s play all the game. 🙂
    Qd4 is bad just from the general point of view, why block with the queen?
    I am glad the sections in my club restrict me from playing such low rated opponents.
    I think everyone should play in the section according to their strength.

  2. hahahaha. lol! 🙂

    I guess you are right about the queen move. I never really looked hard at her f4 to defend h2, didn’t feel it was a strong move, and definitely not after the game.

    It’s weird, can’t explain why this is, but I often get terrible chess nerves in a Round 1 situation. Also, I am killer with White in a Round 1 morning game, can take out very strong opponents. But at night, first round of the month, I usually have the jitters. During the game, I kept hallucinating that she could play b4, then would realize I can play …Bxb4, then would forget, then remember, then forget. So many things to keep together in the head with all the pieces on, and yet a strong player should be able to play quite quickly as Black in these positions and ignore bogging their brain down with all of these concerns and instead save it for later.

    Thank you for all your comments, RollingPawns, you are a true friend! It’s amazing how long that both of our blogs have lasted. How many blogs started out when ours did, that actually talk about their tournament games, still exist? Practically none, unless posting like one game a year still counts. Life Master Brian Wall has an email list, but then again that is an email list, and not a blog. Here’s to celebrating our blogs! 😀

  3. You are a true friend too. 🙂
    We are practically only readers of our blogs, but very loyal.
    You know, I have nobody to discuss my games with, all the people I talk to in the clubs are just acquaintances.
    Support and advice are very important, I saw it when my daughter was playing chess.
    Especially during the tournaments – praising the good play and comforting after losses,
    as well as giving recommendations were crucial.

  4. I am amazed that you can do that, but I do it too. 😉

    I go to the bar with Alex after a game, but he doesn’t even play anymore in the G/90 Wed and Thurs tournaments, but plays all of the weekend tournaments. We talk about chess and anything else, and rarely go over games unless he just played in a tournament, and wants to look at some of his games with me – but I only ever see or talk to him on Wednesday nights.

    I’ll make another post after my game tonight. Some other chess topic besided just my game. 🙂 Perhaps my chess library, or knight endgames.

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