The Queen Trade

Round 1

I played Ken again, in the first round as White, same as last month.  I suggested he might want to try …Nf5 instead of …Ng6 next time.  Of course, I also forgot to mention the huge hole on d5 that he needed to watch out for.  hehehe.  Okay, so I was expecing an improved Milner-Barry Gambit, had he simply played …Bd7 there instead.

I believe that Ken still could have made a game out of it had he traded queens earlier on.  By the time he did trade queens, I had actually missed the …Qb6+, but found it before he moved, and that Qd4 would be decisive, but actually I felt that something would be there once I noticed the check.

I have about 18 minutes remaining at the end of the game, recorded my times, and this game looks like such a simple win in hindsight, but OTB winning a “won” position does take quite a bit of time from the clock.


2 thoughts on “The Queen Trade

  1. I would have a big desire to mate him looking at his king after move 22.
    But your solution was practical and worked too.

  2. Sure, I almost replied to your comment yesterday, but was going into work two hours early for overtime. Yes, simply 26. Qc5 should have made this game miniature-status after something like 26…b6, 27.Nf5 doulble-check Ke8, 28.RxB+, KxR, 29.Qe7+ Kc7, 20.Rc1 mate, but even if …Kb6 available then 21.Qc7+ Ka5 will mate. And if 26..Ke8, then Rc1 is still enough.

    I was focusing hard on managing my time in this game, and this shows how tough it can be. The quickest win is usually on the board, not on the clock. If we had longer time-controls, this wouldn’t have been an issue and mate on the board, for sure. 😉

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