The Should Have Been

Tuesday, I got off work late like last week (after being at work for 11 hrs), and so decided to play chess at the club, since it was on the way home.

Round 1

In the first round I played the TD, Earl.  Earl is around my age and has been coming to Panera off and on all year, but finally decided to play last month, whereupon his regular rating fell from 1920 to 1894.  Interestingly is Quick Rating was only 1 point off his regular rating, and he won the tournament to improve to 1936 Quick.

Oddly, I had much more time than him, but made my attack far too complicated for the time-control, and basically flailed around in the waning couple of seconds like an animal that needed to be put down, but resigned in a position where I gave up …Qxf2+ rather than lose my knight.  I recorded the game up to 32.h3, the rest is how I remember it as far as I can.  However, it’s funny to look at it now, because for example 35.Nf3 would simply win Black’s queen.  You can see how crazy I play, though, even in time-pressure, since I was originally planning 30.g4 Qc1+, 31.Kg2 Qg5, 32.h4, but realized that this was just way over the top.  hehe.  Yes, any sane person would have simply played 30.g3, and White is at least better with a comfortable edge.

My original plan was to play 22.Rd1, and I had figured this when I played 21.Rad1, and even saw his reply 22.Rd6 Qc7, but I got overly cute with the position, not even using more straight-forward play such as doubling or tripling on the e-file, and my hanging back-rank finally got the better of my position.

Round 2

Possibly the strangest game.  Jefferey is an older gentleman, his standard rating is 1966, and he doesn’t play at the Panera tournaments.  I may have played him once before and lost or drawn, can’t remember hardly at all, but it would have been at the Colorado Springs City Championship one year, if I did.

The opening, I just made that up.  hehe.  It was like a Declined Budapest, which is interesting since I’ve never even played the Budapest accepted before.  hehe.   I don’t know why he went in for that massive central piece exchange, which I was tickled pink to see.

Later, I goaded him into playing e4, without seeing that I was dropping the g5 pawn, and luckily he didn’t see it either!  Actually, I moved quickly and he saw he missed it right after had played it.  I exchanged the favor by noticing that 23…RxR would be totally winning, right after I had just moved my king.

He actually resigned because he had illegally played Kf5, then realized that that square is in check, and he will still have to move his king, allowing me to play …Ke5.  I wasn’t so sure what I was doing there, or was probably  just as sure of the wrong thing.  As it turned out from the post-mortem, which he understood better than I, but I am just spotting this for the first time, Black has to win, in general, not by winning the a2 or c4 pawn, per se, but by boxing out White’s king and advancing the f-pawn!

Round 3

This game is so sadly played that if you aren’t laughing by the end of it, you probably aren’t breathing(!)

10…Be6 probably shouldn’t be played until after the central pawn capture.

12.Bxd5?  This is evidently wrong, and played after a long think.  A better try might be 12.e4 dxe, 13.Ne2 (completing development!) e3, 14.Ne4 with idea of NxBd6+, or instead 13.0-0-0 e3, 14.Ne4 and whether …Kb8 or …Rhe8 is played, this 15.Bh3 idea will save Black, but 14…exf, 15.Nh3 and White may yes still be holding on!

On move 21 and 22, Black has a mate in two starting with …Qd2, and …Re1 mate, as Alex was quick to point out after the game.

27.Kh3.  NxR?? would have dropped the Rh1.

28…Re5??  I forgot to take my glasses off before this game, as I don’t wear them anymore when I play, and it’s easier to see the whole board that way (made this mistake on my Wednesday game as well when I missed …Qb6+ because I came back from the restroom with my glasses still on – I don’t know how Botvinnik did it!?).  My glasses had slipped down on my nose in the time-scramble and I was trying to look through them as they were slipping and simply missed that his pawn was there.  Well, it’s obvious now that my losses _were_ due to time pressure after all.

Simply 28…Re2-d7, 29.Qf5+?? (Qh3) Re6, and now 30…Qg2 will win White’s rook.  It’s surprising how easily I can find this stuff at home, without the aid of an engine even.


8 thoughts on “The Should Have Been

  1. Round 1. You had a good attack until you played 25. Nc4 instead of 25. Rdxe6 missing most of the advantage. I think g3 was better than g4. You were winning his queen after 33. Qc4+.

    Round 2. Funny opening. He didn’t play well from move 30, not seeing your blunder on f6,
    then moving his king in the wrong direction -f6 and then Kf4, of course.

  2. Oh, right, 33.Qc4+ coverning c1, and then Nf3 trapping the queen. hehe. Nice find! Yes, g3.

    Right 25.Rdxe6, 26.Rhf8, and then Nc4 would be crushing with Nd6+, as that square has been evacuated by the rook now.

    Game 2, he should have played 22.Rxg5 winning the pawn, although still an easy draw for Black.

    I thougth my 14…g5 was a mistake as he could play 15.h4 g4, 16.Bg2 f5, draw.

  3. I’ll tell you something funny. On Thursday before the game I met the guy, master, that I know and played before. He asked: ” Did you publish our game ?”. I answered: “Yes” (it was in June, I won). And then he said something like: “I was looking for my name in Google and found this game against “Me” and I was thinking that it was against some Asian guy, but couldn’t remember such. And then I started to look at the game and recognized it, it was a game with you”. He talked about the game and compared it with the previous one, etc.
    You know, before the tournament game you do not pay too much attention to these conversations, it’s just a little distraction, you think more about the upcoming game.
    Only at home I got the humour of this situation, about him playing with “Me”.
    It even got me thinking about changing the way I publish my games to avoid confusion. 🙂
    By the way I was very busy on weekend, eventually got tired and didn’t publish my games, will try to do it this week.

  4. hehe, that’s funny. You could do a “Searching for Bobby Fischer” like skit to him and so “No, me is me ( he says maybe it’s not me in the film)……this. (pulls out Black King and stamps it down onto the board)….is you!” haha.

    It’s always weird when someone pulls up an old game and quizzes you on what you said. It’s like they are way late to the party, and “that ship has sailed”.

    I understand about the busy stuff, free time feels great when ya finally get it. 🙂

  5. I played yesterday against a ~1900 rated man, my score with him =1, -1.
    I had White and played Ruy Lopez, Anti-Marshall, a4. It was a bad idea, as I got kind of position I didn’t know what to do with. It would be much better to play against Marshall attack, I won one game OTB with it.
    I am almost disgusted with my play, not tactical, since you can excuse that, but positional. Eventually he counter-attacked, I made a couple of wrong moves and my position deteriorated.

  6. Smyslov liked to play a4 against Marshall-Attack, he was great at that sort of positional play. Karpov played this style as well, maybe a4 combined with axb5, and c3-c4.

    Positional play is the most difficult part. I was showing Alex my game and commenting on his, seeing tactics well, but yes I keep seeing “my attack” in whatever position, but the demanding part is that it’s more important to find one’s opponent’s attack and stop that, than it is to attack at all. It’s so easy to forget that, particularly as White since White almost never has to think about Black’s attack, because White is always getting something in first.

    Anti-Marshall is finesse since you are giving Black what they think they want at first. I think Anti-Marshall is easier to play than accepting it, well it is for me. Your should have win game against me that one time using the Marshall is one of the biggest reasons that I left the Ruy Lopez, haven’t played it in forever. You should show your game. 🙂

    You know, as you’ve always shown, and I’m seeing it for myself now in my games, it’s really important that we nail these opening lines, and have ideas ready in them. Not knowing what to do in a position at G/90 is like suicide on the clock, as you may know from watching some of my games. 😉

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