The Piece Sac That Dropped A Piece

Round 2

I was very tired before this game, worked 10 hrs, but then ate a burger and drank a large coke right before the start of the game.  So then I must have still been thnking a little loopy, but felt fine and had energy, thus had a very false sense of security.  I thought about playing 13…h6, 14.Bd2 to set-up the sac, which would have blocked him from his rook lift, and kept the game winning h-file closed, but I was deluded.  Even then it would have been quite an unnecessary sac.

had asked for a bye, but then changed my mind and decided to play, knowing that I won’t get to play, most likely, in California, and one of the last chances to see people here before I go at the end of the month.  I thought I would lose when I played this sac, but didn’t know how, and actually thought in some lines that I could play Qh6; quite delusional.  Really makes you realize how it’s all about hampering opponent development, not always about your own play unless you know it’s coming in relatively unopposed.  Very, very needless loss.  I was at least happy that I got in a Chebanenko Slav – have a book on it, but haven’t read any of it.  I was more or less okay out of the opening, just decided to go psycho and “have some fun”.  Yikes!


4 thoughts on “The Piece Sac That Dropped A Piece

  1. I think that after the opening you were even a bit better.
    Yeah, that sacrifice looks suspicious and may get you a win online, but not OTB playing against expert.
    Yesterday I was shocked by the events in Ottawa. I was there like 12 years ago and spent the whole day on Parliament Hill and in the Parliament, liked it a lot.
    I was impressed by Pittsburgh Penguins playing yesterday Canadian anthem before the game with Flyers. I know, you Americans like us. 🙂

  2. We do. 🙂 My mom was born in Vancouver, BTW, but then her Canadian parents hopped into the USA pronto, weeks after she was born.

    I like the Canadian anthem better than the Star-Spangled Banner, as much I love our anthem. The English motto is like “God save the Queen, Defender of the Faith”, and “Death before Dishonor”. Canada’s is “Oh Canada, we stand on God for thee!” The United States motto is “We’re just a bunch of bad-asses”. hehe. I really love “Oh, Canada!” The other thing is that our anthem is about defeating the British, who basically kept the Indians from butchering us, and really made us, as did France, but we are awesome because we did not like that. America ends up on the wrong side of history just as much as it has on the right side of it.

    If you are Canadian, you can come here anytime, we do love Canadians in the USA! 🙂 Sad thing is that Canadians are so used to getting screwed over when they come here that they just expect it in the USA – their phone plans expire, their credit cards don’t work. We don’t give you guys much of a reason to want to be here. On an abstract level, I picture America as sloppy compared to Canada. It’s not even our people, it’s American businesses, particularly big corporations are just sloppy retarded, and live for Wall St, not the ordinary citizens, but they pretend they do because that is what builds business, mom and pop ethics. But maybe you see some of that in Canada as well. 😉

  3. We have a lot of sloppiness here too. 🙂
    My credit card worked fine and cell I used only for texts. The museums are great in US, as well as shopping. The thing that the language is the same helps too. 🙂

    I played yesterday, got that guy that found his game with “Me”.
    He had White and played Ponziani, can you imagine it? It’s being used as a surprise weapon,
    that’s exactly why he played it.
    All I knew is that I should play d5, by the way it is considered a sharp continuation.
    It showed as I had to spend a lot of time in the opening trying not to screw up.
    I managed to get out of opening without queens, with doubled “c” pawns and bishop pair.
    But then I lost a pawn after finding, but not playing a good defensive move.
    Then I intentionally went into rook and bishop endgame with opposite coloured bishops and a pawn down. The chances for a draw were very good, but I made a couple of bad positional moves, especially the second one and his passed pawn on the kingside decided the game. Kind of sad, but the game was a good learning experience.
    I didn’t like the fact that he laughed after I resigned, though he didn’t say anything.
    I understood that he was happy to get revenge, but next time I won’t talk to him and will try to beat the crap out of him.

    Congratulations on your win, I will comment later on that game.

  4. Thanks! 🙂

    We are like sister countries. It’s good that we are two different countries because then if one of our countries stinks it up, then you know where to go. hehe. If Canada does something right, I like that, because it takes a lot to knock some sense into USA politicians to change anything or admit there might be a better way. The way socialized anything works in the USA is “You want healthcare?” Fine, well make you do it or take your money if you don’t, or throw you in jail like with child-support. You don’t want socialized anything in the USA. Even social security gets garnished.

    I wish the USA were a common-wealth country, thought the War of Independence was rather ridiculous. Scotland was a bit insane to want to break away from Great Britain, IMO, although I can see where they were coming from, but I am from USA so I see the other side of the coin, too. If it would have worked better for Scotland it might have mainly been because they are aren’t as populous a nation as ours. As it stands, the only countries that you know that have the USA’s back are 1.Canada, and 2.Great Britain, and then 3.Australia in a more roundabout way.

    You should really post that game. Pete, about my rating, was playing Anthea, who is 1850ish currently. He played the Ponziani with Qa4 as a “surprise” weapon he’s been honing. It was the same thing, doubled c-pawns for Black and he knew where all of the traps lied. He was up +23, but lost in time-pressure (mainly because he didn’t go for the sacs and mates that he suspected but didn’t play because he thought he should be able to calculate the whole thing out and wasn’t able to).

    I don’t know what his laugh was about, but that would have been really weird for someone to laugh after you resign. Maybe a chuckle later with buddies is one thing, but that’s odd.

    Buck’s expression after my sac after the post-mortem was kind of funny, thinking about it later. My Qd6 move where I sacked, he waves his hand above the pieces, as if he would have swept them off the board if it had been lower, and says “Qd6. (N)ahh, that’s nothin!” (shakes his head). Obviously a true statement, so it’s kind of funny (but the insertion of …h6, Bd2, then Bg4 and it would have been a lot scarier for him. That was my biggest mistake of the sac line, not playing that first). It reminded me of the Hustler, where Paul Newman is drunk on the floor after winning the first half of the night, sober, then Jackie Gleason as Minnesota Fats wins it back by getting Newman drunk and Jackie says something like “Get him out of here!” all dismissively. haha. It’s funny in a way. Who knows, sounds like your opponent may have some odd personality characteristics (“welcome to the club” for him, as far as many chessplayers having such a thing).

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