King’s Indian Defense, “round 2”, as they say.  Actually, this was the third and final round of this thatTuesday night tournament.

It’s apparent what I’ve let happen to my game.  Instead of going for the “eval” computer-move, I’ve just chosen the craziest lines that I could possibly play and gone with that.

I was already  disappointed when he played the steady 8.Be3.

15.h5  I was anticipating something more solid, I saw this line 15.Rc1 Bd7, 16.Nb5 QxQ+, 17.KxQ BxNb5, 18.BxB, OTB, which is probably equal, with a pull for White.

15…Nb3?  Even during the game, I didn’t feel like this was the best move, but I played this game like an excitement-junkie.  I bet that someone like Grishuk would have known to play a steady move such as 15…Bd7!? (controlling the b5 square) without a second thought.  Once again, I felt that Nb5 might bite me later, but I was definitely going for the wow-fun factor here.

19…Bg4??  Here I forced Daniel to play nearly the only move in the position, 20.Kg2, which I hadn’t seen and White wants to play this move anyway.  Actually, I miss these defensive king moves a lot.  After the game, Daniel said “I don’t get it, you aren’t threatening anything, I can just play this…”Whereupon he played some move and then I lit his kingside up like a Christmas-tree, Tal style, and then swiped his Nb5, completely winning.  But that is not the point, the point is that I just couldn’t calm myself down enough to “eval” the situation, and make the rational move.

If you don’t believe me (which by now you surely do), I was planning to play for example: 13…Bxg4, 14.fxg4, Nxd5, 15.NxNd5 NxNd5, 16.Queen moves …Rc8, until I noticed that White would defuse this combo simply with 14.BxNc5, so that in the end this distraction cost me around 10 minutes just to play 13…Qa5.

18…h5?? is another blunder.  Surely, Black has nothing to fear after 18…Qa5 threatening 19…Qd8.  I actually spent quite a bit of time on this move and was drawing a mental blank, which shows that I was simply not thinking clearly this late at night.

I should have played 19…Rfd8, as Daniel pointed out after the game, but this didn’t suite my no-holds barred, non-defensive psyho-chess style.  Naturally, this is the eval move and spreads out White’s attack, even gives me an impetus to gain the c-file with a rook, which is what I was looking for.  Crazy.

26…Rab8.  Even if I had seen his queen-trap and played say 26…Nc8, he could still play 27.d6 and trap my queen with Na2 on the next move.

32…Rbc7.  Here I blundered with 3.5 minutes remaining, but even after the more obvious looking 32…Rbd7, he was going to play 33.c5, which after 34.c6 is going to pick up that a7 pawn with 35.Nxa7, but in any case it’s a pawn-avalanche, drubbing to be.

Daniel always has this wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing rating whenever he plays me.  I believe he is 6 out of 6 in the month of November, or darn near it.  You could mentally swap our ratings and that would be a lot closer to the truth.

It’s funny, after the game Daniel said that he didn’t know the theory, and I assumed OTB that this must be some prepared line, since he didn’t play a normal move like Nf3.


6 thoughts on “Slaughtered

  1. Sorry, I didn’t notice the “final round”.
    I think that winning exchange was OK and was worth it.
    Frankly, it is difficult to understand Bg4. Your h5 is OK, I believe.
    You are good actually unless you allow him to catch your queen.

  2. When I commented on the game, I thought that …Nb3 was a mistake, but the next morning before work I commented that …h5 was the real mistake. After the game, I was thinking that I should have gotten in …Qa5-d8 somehow, particularly based on what had happened (I didn’t feel/see my queen getting trapped).

    The reason I like 18…Qa5, which probably is -+ in Black’s favor, is becuase after 18…h5, 19.Nb5 now at the board I began to calculate and didn’t like 19…Rfd8, 20.Bc4 a6, 21.Nc7 Rb8 (..b5?!), 22.Bb6 Bd7, 23.Kg2 Rc8, 24.Ne6 BxN, 25.dxB and now it appears that White has a stranglehold on the position, although we glanced at this type of formation after the game and concluded that White at least still has some work to do, or he though it was not quite so clear to him.

    The …Bg4 blunder was based on a series of visual errors, swotting variations, and also trying to avoid the line above that I just mentioned. Either his Kg2 or Nxd6 would have refuted my move. I was trying to play …Rac8, but can’t force it for a long time because the Nd6 can just sit there like a stone instead of taking on b7. So if 20.Nxd6 Rad8, 21.Bc5 b6, 22.Ba3 and that’s game as well. I completely missed evaluating 20.Kxg2.

    It takes a lot of time and energy to find all of this on one move during a G/90 game. What generally happens is to make a move based on one’s energy level, defend as much as you can, hope for some bad reply, and then work it out from there if it’s a good reply. It’s the continuation that I was trying to avoid that caused me to drop the ball on defense, as is the case most times. …h5 and …Bg4 were moves were based on a lowered energy level as well, trying to cause some confusion but not succeeding.

  3. I just watched this nice interview:

    Watch live stream and maximize the screen. Interesting, not only us, but World Champion as well can be a bit sick and tired. I read that he had a sore throat during closing ceremony.
    I like this boy, he is a decent champion and human being.

    I played yesterday with a boy, same rating, +1, =1 before.
    It was a bit boring, then he got me pinned. The only move keeping it equal was a computer move, I am not sure you can find it OTB. I gave up two rooks for a queen and he was better.
    But he didn’t play exact moves and I found a way to draw the game.
    I do not want to go into more details, this game is worth publishing, just need to find time.

  4. Yeah, it’ll be neat to see your game! 🙂

    Magnus sounds like he got what I had. Now all he needs to do is talk for 10hrs a day, such as in a call center, and he may lose his voice, too. The sucky part of getting sick is that it affects the brain, or at least for me it does. I am doing absent-minded things a lot more when I get even a little sick, and that lasts for weeks, and I fear how it affects my chess, although I only run into this problem in the late Fall and early Winter.

    I really like Magnus’ character, how he plays for a win. I really liked Magnus character over Vishy’s. Anand showed some spunk late in games, but was too scientific and objective for my tastes when it came to his opening repertore. He could have at least mixed things up more than he did. He didn’t have to play the Berlin defense, it’s not the 11th commandment that thou shalt play the Berlin Defense. He could play Bird, Cordell, Archangel, Marshall, Breyer, etc, etc, etc. I would play each system once and regret that there were not 24 rounds so that I could play 24 systems instead of only 12. I think Tartakower would agree with me, too! 😀

  5. I agree that Anand could ( and had ) to play more aggressive and differently, but maybe it’s not how he felt.
    I posted my Thursday’s game.

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