Solid Play

This game is for all the fans of this (or any) blog that like to see their author conducting a well-played game.

Tuesday Round 2

It wasn’t quite as easy as it looked.  I was up four minutes in time-pressure, trying to keep score (obviously this isn’t exactly what happened, but it’s difficult to keep score after one’s opponent has stopped), when I ended up having 14 seconds to his 7 seconds at the game’s end.  My clock started beeping when he had 10 seconds left, as it was accidentally set to sound (but if you are a loyal reader, you should be getting used to the weirdness at how my games end by now).

I was up for the game, felt like something special would come of it in the end, and I believe it did.  Inspired by Magnus for this game.  It sorta looks like some ho-hum Magnus game against a much weaker player than himself.

Jess actually went 3-1 at the bottom section of the Winter Springs, losing only to the first place player.  He might be close to 30 and takes his time at the board like I do.

I castled quickly, then realized I should have played ..a6, but it made it all the more fun.  When he played g4, I quickly realized that …Qf7 is winning by force (within a minute), but probably spent close to 10 minutes on the move just to make absolutely sure of each variation (nerves, and too many botched tactics of late).


2 thoughts on “Solid Play

  1. Qf7 was a good move, you saw two threats. His play in the end doesn’t make much sense, probably it was because of the time trouble.

    I didn’t go to the club today. We have a heavy snow, at work we were told we could leave 2 hours earlier. My car got stuck even on my own street, so I decided to take a bye.
    My rating went up a bit.

  2. Thanks! 🙂

    You deserve the break, and shouldn’t try to drive in the snow to play chess; you’ve been hard-charging for the last 3-4 months. 1940, I believe it is. That’s still a great rating and within range of making Expert! 🙂

    I think that studying is what’s helped me the most these past couple of weeks. My playing seems more a reflection of my studying, that and getting a little bit of exercise in. Some people seem to play a lot and don’t reflect much book learning type of improvement – that’s something that an engine can’t quite give a person.

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