Safe Play

For the last round, Round 4 I had been planning on playing a Sicilian Dragon (my nemesis variation) against Dean, but I was feeling stomach distress at the start of the game, and felt daunted by the circumstance and also my lack of recent study on it, and so stuck with the C3 Sicilian.  In any case, once I ate the free Smashburger that Shirley paid for (she bought everyone a Smashburger), I felt great actually, but had already started the game in any case.

There’s not much to impress with in this game, as it has a “seen it all before” feeling to it.  I can say that I knew that his …0-0-0?? move was dropping a piece before he even played it.  Luckily there was the 30 second increment or it could have been more stressful.  As it was, I got down to 8 minutes on my clock, but sure appreciated the increment!

There is that odd nagging feeling when entering a game like this, as I know that Dean “Fritzes” his games, and it seems like could have improved on many moves.  I enjoy a good game.  It’s weird how I can play so positional and still make it look so easy, against Dean in this case.

My rating dropped from 1797 to 1787, and I have one win as Black for a couple of rating points on Tuesdays; so I do have the start to the month one can feel good about.


4 thoughts on “Safe Play

  1. His O-O-O was a mistake even from positional point of view, since you already played a3 and b4. It decided the game of course, also he only helped you exchanging the pieces.

    I played today in the Rapid tournament, 10 minutes + 5 seconds increment, one section.
    After crazy day at work I think I played OK. I beat a low rated guy, then played with a higher rated to whom I lost recently. I think I was nervous, lost a pawn, then blundered an exchange, but then put up a good fight. Got a very strong passed pawn, so he had to give up an exchange back. We ended up in a rook endgame – 4P vs. 3P.
    I defended well and he had one minute vs. my four. But then I made a mistake, lost a pawn and then a game. Then I beat a low rated guy again. Next one was a bit stronger, still I had to win having exchange for a pawn. But I decided to sacrifice an exchange to create a pin.
    I didn’t take the rook with bishop right away, it would be R vs. N. So he escaped, I lost an exchange and we ended up in the endgame where I was pawn down with a bad bishop. I lost. Then I beat another guy, not strong, but it was a battle. And in a last round I drew with a guy about the same rating. So 3.5/6, not that bad.

  2. lol to your comment about my game. Alex said the same thing about him exchanging pieces, and it’s all so obvious to you and me that 0-0-0 would never work there.

    Sounds like you had a fun time. I could/should have played at the Mate (mah-tay) Factory this evening, was invited to, but went to sleep instead. Those quick games can be a blast and are very helpful when it comes to improving OTB clock management because it gets you used to moving real pieces quickly.

    The fact that your quick games go on and on like that, back and forth, where you continue to have chances, means you are probably too strong a player for that time-control; your serious chess creeps into it and can bail you out. It’s a great way to find your weaknesses though, where your play is superficial, when playing quick chess.

    I woke up at 11:30 pm after work, so this will be a long day for me, but I have the day off, going to play Round 3 tonight! 🙂 No idea who I will play or what color.

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