Round 4 saw me playing against one of my most frequent opponents.  I don’t want to say that I have 20 wins and 2 draws against him and no losses, but it’s probably somewhere close to that.  I finished this game with 59 seconds on my clock to his 19 minutes.  For that reason, it felt like both a win and a loss at the same time.  This time, my “big think” move was 16…Qc5, which of course looks completely obvious when you see it; sure, I had seen this move early on, but it was more of a decision, as even …Qb4 is a possibility, for example, but …Qc5 is clearly best.  I spent approx 15 minutes on this move, half of what I spent in the other game on my big-think there, but this was still disappointing.

It’s as if I’ve finally mastered 30/90, G/30 as we had it back in CA, but it’s nowhere close to being a true G/90 game.  I was happy that I had won, but also depressed that I had failed to manage my clock well, despite trying my best.


4 thoughts on “Improvement?!

  1. It looks like you played well this game, I’ll comment later.
    Merry Christmas !
    I am finally free of work and expect to get some rest. Maybe I’ll publish something.
    By the way, I find these collections on quite amazing. 🙂
    It’s too bad I can’t remember all these nice combinations.

  2. I think you got ahead in development after the opening and your castling queenside used that, I liked that idea. He really can’t create any threats.
    Regarding f5 and f6 I remember the expression: “Pawns do not move back”. Their movement was premature and not supported by pieces, I think. Then g4 ended the game.
    As I said before you played well.

  3. I felt the same as you, but really I was very worried about 18.Rc1 and 19.c3! which is why I had burned up so much time, and never really solved it, just chose this as the best continuation regardless.

    Well, that’s not entirely true, I was planning on chucking a pawn with 19…d3 there, which I see now is untakeable because of the 20.Qxd3?? Bb5 pin.

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