Blitz Nightmare

I played in the CO Springs blitz championship.  Well, I believe there were two separate groups as we were part of the breakaway group – long story.  Anyway, it was G/5/ and I got hammered.  I went 1.5/2 against Alex, but really should have lost both games.  Then I played Shirley and had to play my Fr Adv to win.  As Black, Shirely let me win a pawn for her attack, then Alex said something and next thing I knew I had moved and forgot to trade queens.  Then my queen was stuck out of play even though up the exchange, and then Shirley was just mowing me down, winning either of my rooks and she had 3 minutes to my 18 seconds when she gave me a “mercy draw”.

Master Josh had no problems putting me away on both board and clock in both games.  My games with Expert Paul were most likely draws, but he also was way up on time and won them on time.  Well, the last game I blundered the game right as I lost on time anyway.  At one point I wanted to play …Bf5 in the slav and saw that my pawn was on ..e6, but didn’t even remember putting it there (guess I do now), so there was no chance of coming up with a coherent plan.

Against Daniel I lost both games on time even after being up a full rook in one of them.  The whole experience, rather than giving me any confidence whatsoever with playing at a blitz place, instead reminded me of why I take so much clock time to begin with, which is to avoid this nightmare!


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