Botched Analysis

Round 3

I hadn’t played Anthea in quite some time.  Her rating has been up for quite some time, it was 1877 at the beginning of November, but of course whenever someone plays me it always seems they are at their ratings low.

This game almost didn’t happen.  I woke up with an aching stomach, went in to work an hour and 15 minutes late, and I was dying at work, but the two milks, and an antacid saved me just long enough to get me home where I could have milk and cereal, a cup of coffee, then felt fine enough to play.  It worked out great because I was going to get a zero point bye for requesting it too late, but then my opponent had to go back home and get her glasses, so I decided to play and we started with G/80, incr/30.

I knew that I had blown my chance after the game on move ten, but still couldn’t think about it correctly.  After I got off the phone tonight with this woman I had started talking to this week, I laid down on the sofa and thought about move ten again in my mind.  OTB, I had been thinking about playing 10…a6, then seeing 11.Nh4 Bd3, 12.c5 Bd6-c7, 13.Re1 h6, and thought after the game that this would have been better than my lame 10…h6 move, which is where I settled to wait and see what she does, hoping that she would go wrong without any provocation on my part.  However, with the benefit of a clear mind while laying on my couch, it hit me that “Omigosh, I could have played 10…Bd3 right away and taken her pawn on c4!”  Then I analyzed, blindfold, further that a likely continuation could be 10…Bd3, 11.Re1 cxd, 12.e4 Bd6-e7 (stopping Nh4 once again, as this idea happened in the game as well), then might want to insert 13.bxc4 Bxc4 14.e5 (since Ne5 could lead to a queen trade) …Nd5, 15.Ne4 and White has compensation for the pawn, if not a fearsome attack shaping up against my king.

My scoresheets were still out in the car, so I went out to get them, plugged the moves into ChessX, which I basically use only to input chess games, and naturally my analysis/opinion doesn’t change by actually looking at the position with a board.  Actually, blindfold I could think about things better such as if I did have a pawn on …a6 anyway, then that would take away a possible retreat square for my bishop on c4, which will get hit, can’t retreat to …a6, and is no longer on that h7 diagonal.

Realistically, this position is probably equal somehow, but would have been a far more lively game than what occured next.  In fact, I really like this 30 second increment because it lets us focus on endgames for a change.  However, if I had been studying tactics more, and was really more up for a wild win-loss game (which would have been wild because Anthea loves these types of games as well), then the result would have been more decisive than what followed.

On move 23, I felt initially as though 23…Qb6 was best, and didn’t like 23…Qa5 because of 24.Nd3 followed by 25.a3.  The way it played out though, with White willing to trade queens, the position would have practically transposed, had I subsequently forced the trade of rooks.  This was a real swap, swap, swap hit the showers type of game, which just isn’t possible at G/90, which is like a different game by comparison.  This game was quite enjoyable, even if I was off-form tactically.

When you are tired of seeing my GM draws, you can see my nice little blitz game.  I almost resigned this game at the very beginning as I messed up my chair when I sat down.

Blitz Game on FICS

Blitz Game on FICS II

I think RollingPawns is correct.  When I am feeling well and playing against lower-rated players in an attacking game, I just deal the blows.  I don’t even know this line, but my game looks like theory.  lol.


8 thoughts on “Botched Analysis

  1. Bd3 was the most interesting moment. In your line after 10…Bd3, 11.Re1 cxd4, 12.e4 Bd6-e7 13.bxc4 Bxc4 14.e5 Nd5 15.Ne4 after h6 you still have an advantage computer says.
    You also can play after 12. e4 – 12…e5 13. bxc4 Bxc4 with a little advantage.
    Here after about 20 moves the game became more and more drawish.

    I played tonight with that Russian-speaking boy, the one I played a lot with.
    I had White, played Rossolimo variation, it was more or less equal.
    Then he didn’t play well the endgame, got essentially worse and then blundered.

  2. Regarding your blitz game II I suddenly remembered the expression (related actually to women) of one of my friends many years back in USSR : “one, two… and on a mattress”. 🙂

  3. Thanks! 🙂 Yes, I try to keep blitz games as tactical as possible so that I am more tactically alert during an OTB game. In my positional blitz games I frequently lose on time, and are only desirable if I am playing that way to pick a positional feel for an opening that I don’t normally play.

    In chess, a great game can be blitzed out. In relationships it’s this political football that keeps getting kicked around and not picked up. Women love to say how much they don’t want to have sex on their dating site profiles, as if this gives them more leverage – if it weren’t for that, then meeting new people would be no big deal to arrange, and life would be more interesting. I wonder how much of a drain it is on the economy due to lost synergy because of so many single people – versus long-term relationships.

    In the second line, the …e5 idea is interesting, but then White has Be3 and then can gang up on c4 with Nfe3-d2-xBc4 followed by Bc1 or just Rc1 – White should draw with best play. The first line ending in …h6, yes, this is what I should try to play for a win. 😉

    You’ve kind of convinced me that I should adopt a more tactical style (just as long as I still play well), and play a riskier looking game (just don’t give up pieces ridiculously for free). I should try to handle a little more complexity where possible, from a key position.

  4. Did you play this week?
    I took a bye on Thursday, the amount of snow was too much to risk driving 42 km to the club.
    I posted my Monday’s game.

  5. Yes, but I don’t know if “play” is the right word to describe it. I moved the pieces, yes. lol. I saw your game and will post mine as soon as possible. I was thinking how the snow would affect your commute to the club. Of course, in CO Springs we are having the opposite effect where it has been a very pleasant warm winter as of late with all but no snow on the ground, even though it is supposed to snow again (but both times hasn’t).

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