Cabin Fever Reliever Part 1

Round 1

This is a 4 round, 2 week G/30 d/10 event.  It is to be expected that I will make bad moves at this time-control, but the primary reason for my playing is to learn to speed up the tempo of my play.  There’s not much risk of harming my already too low rating, I feel.  Most of the players who showed up have strong ratings.  So for example I played an Expert in round 1, and an unrated player in round 2 (you don’t lose much to an unrated player playing their first OTB tournament).  Losing to Paul (luckily as Black) is only losing five rating points, for example.

In this game, I didn’t like my …f5 or …Ra7 moves.

Move 25 for Black was really the most interesting move of the game.  Probably my plan should be to play 25….g5, and then trade all pawns on e4, followed by ..Nf4 to eye d4 and e3.  If 26.Bh3, then …Rf8.  Another plan could be to play 25…dxe, 26.dxe Rd8, but in any case it was asking too much for my ability to come up with a strong plan quickly, and in fact I simply blundered the game away here.  Paul A. played quite strong positionally after the opening.

Round 2

I can just about guarantee you will be laughing by the time you will have finished looking at this game.  He actually played me a strong blitz game where I had a positional advantage, then made a sloppy attacking move and he played some fantastic tactics, winning a rook, and then I had a perpetual so said draw, and then it seemed he didn’t get it, so I played a move for mate instead and he sacked his bishop to force a queen trade which he had seen immediately, then I lost the blitz game on time.

Of course winning this tournament game was just dumb luck.  At first he said he was having trouble keeping score before the game, as this was his first tournament, but you know, a lot of these first time players are online tyros before they make their club debut.  He was wearing this beautiful Deutschland jacket, and told Dean he had served in the Army.

I knew that if he played Rf8 that I would capture his rook, but when he played it I blurted out my ..Kh7 and then cursed my luck, but then he just left it there.  haha.  We played so terrible for having a 10 second delay and all – our blitz game was far more interesting than this game, which should have been a debacle for me.

Me, Paul A, Shirley and Daniel played at least ten bughouse games afterward, and I had never played bughouse before, but was picking it up a lot better than I thought I would.  It’s funny, I was always so scared to try bughouse before, but it was a lot of fun and super easy to learn.


3 thoughts on “Cabin Fever Reliever Part 1

  1. Round 1 – I agree, he played strong positionally after the opening. He accumulated small pluses very well. Frankly, I don’t understand Ra7, but f5 was fine I think. You had to choose on which flank you are playing and kingside attack starting with f5 seems reasonable to me.

    Round 2 – Honestly, it looks very chaotic with a lot of blunders from both sides. In the end you had a clear win, but time …

  2. Game two he resigned.. I was whipping my moves out like a banshee, but I still had 48 seconds left on my clock.

    Game one, I spent the longest time deciding between …Ra7 and …Rb8, decided to play …Ra7 and figured that if were a mistake then it would be obvious in hindsight, which it was. I simply didn’t notice that Nb5 would hit the Ra7, which would undefend …b7. I wanted to reposition the Nc6, but still wanted to hamper his b4 push, which ultimately wasn’t possible.

  3. Ra7 is a kind of move that you don’t like, but feel like you have to make. It is wrong, I recently made a similar move, didn’t like it, but thought that it is necessary for defense.
    It was not.

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