The Double-Scotch Opening

Round 1

I asked after the game the name of this opening, and Daniel said “it’s a nothing opening”, so I feel compelled to name an opening this time – I’ll call it “The Double-Scotch” as White plays a Scotch Game, and then Black follows in suite, keeping the symmetry.  I feel like I may have seen this looked at in a book by Larry Evans, and I recall a Nxe5 recommendation and so played it, avoiding playing into Black’s hands with the capture on d5 – sidestep one trick and you get a good game as White.

Oh, this kid’s rating is actually 1171.  Same difference.  These kids, their rating averages literally a hundred points increase a month.  One of the two brothers took out a near 1800 player last night, and the other brother may have beaten an 1800 player.  I don’t know, so many upsets.  Even Shirley tonight managed to blow a dead won position against Alemaheyu, but it was like a 90 move game where she collapsed at the end.


2 thoughts on “The Double-Scotch Opening

  1. Yeah, funny. Typical mistakes – from dubious opening to taking on a2 to missing simple f5.
    At least he had decency and maturity to resign before getting mated. 🙂

    I saw yesterday another funny game (after I won mine).
    The girl, 14-15 years old, ~1800 rating was playing with the man rated ~2000.
    I have a score +1, -1 with him. So, she somehow managed to get 5P vs. 1P in the rook ending. But she had only a few minutes left vs. his 30 and the increment was 10 seconds.
    So, he resisted and in one moment I thought that she can lose on time.
    Then she eventually got 3 pawns and advanced to seventh one of them, so he had to block it with the rook. Then she started to move another 2 connected, passed pawns supporting them with the king. Ok, clear. Then, when she could just promote the pawn and force him to give up the rook, she started to think until her time left reached 13 seconds.
    You can imagine how the people around were reacting.
    Then she made a few maneuvers and mated him.

  2. Sounds like she would have been in definite trouble if she had only had a 5 second delay. Yes, the increment or long delay gives new life to positions, and the “clock win” games go away.

    I spent almost an hour watching Shirley’s game with queen and two pawns vs rook and two pawns at 30 second increment. I usually never have time at the board to analyze those endings.

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